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Is Tibet self driving tour safe? Nine notes for self driving tour in Tibet

After June every year, it is the peak tourism season in Tibet. Many people choose to travel in Tibet by themselves. But the road to Tibet is not smooth, not only need to climb over many mountains, the road condition is also very complex. So, what should be paid attention to in Tibet self driving tour?

1. Many of the mountain roads in Tibet are unpaved gravel roads. When it rains, small debris flows occur frequently. If you want to have a good time, the off-road vehicle is definitely your best helper.

2. Calculate your daily itinerary before you set out. On the plateau, it's very dangerous to drive at night. It's not only dangerous, but also easy to get lost.

3. Be sure to have a spare tire ready and learn some simple repair techniques yourself.

4. Cars also have altitude reaction. The most direct reaction is that the power is weakened, the brake becomes soft, and the noise is loud and soft when accelerating. The control of vehicles is not as good as that when we are on the plain.

5. When driving in Tibet, you will often encounter cattle and sheep crossing the road. It is the driver's duty to avoid them. If you accidentally bump into them, the consequences will be serious.

6. It's better to drive two or three cars all the way, especially in Tibetan areas, which are sparsely populated. Once you get lost, you can't even see people, let alone ask for directions.

7. In Tibetan areas, once you go out, you'll be in the car all day, so it's better to have two people in a car to drive. Only by driving in another way can we ensure safety.

8. When crossing the mountain pass, the road is tortuous and dangerous, so you have to be more careful. However, drivers in Tibetan areas seem to be used to these things. Even on the curve, they dare to overtake. Therefore, when passing the curve, you must pay attention to the speed and observe the opposite lane and the vehicles behind.

9. When you go to Tibet along the Sichuan Tibet line, you'd better prepare some cigarettes, candy and stationery gifts with you so that you can get a ride or thank passers-by for help. When taking photos in Tibet, you can also send some candy or stationery gifts to local children.

When is the best time to enter Tibet? The best season in Tibet is from May to October every year. This is the peak season for tourism in Tibet. The overall weather is warm and comfortable, but it is not hot. However, there will be a large number of tourists. The consumption of related industries is also rising, and the consumption expenditure of tourism is also high. From November to April of the following year, although it is relatively cold, it is sunny and warm during the day. There are few tourists at this time. What you see is the authentic Tibetan style.