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What is the fire situation in Dali ancient city? The truth behind the six people's death

According to media reports, a fire broke out in a private house in Dali, Yunnan Province, on the morning of this (11th), killing six people. What is the fire in Dali ancient city? Why does the fire cause six deaths? According to a resident near the accident site, the fire was probably caused by electric vehicle charging.

On the morning of June 11, a fire broke out in a civil house in Dali ancient city, Yunnan Province, killing six people.

On the morning of November, a resident near the fire point told the surging news that the fire was located in Dali ancient city, but not in the core area, and the dead were local people.

A staff member of Dali fire rescue detachment told the surging news that the fire had been put out and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

The fire was put out at 6:40 and six people were found dead after being searched and rescued on site, the official microblog of the Publicity Department of Dali municipal Party committee said at 9:32 on November 11.

A resident near the incident said: 'the fire happened in a two story building, with people living on it and a car shop below. It is said that the fire was caused by the electric vehicle charging carelessly at night, and the people living on it failed to come out. '

But the statement has not been officially confirmed.

The residents said the fire point is near the terminal of bus No. 8, which belongs to the residential area outside Dali ancient city, mainly for self housing, and few tourists and inns nearby. All six people were local people in Dali. At present, the road section of the incident has been closed.