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What delicious specialties do Guilin have? Recommendation of six gourmet specialties in Guilin

Guilin is a more interesting tourist city. It is also a famous historical and cultural city in China. It is also one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. It has the reputation of "Guilin is the best in the world". What are the delicious specialties of Guilin after a visit to Guilin?

Guilin specialty 1: Guilin rice noodles

Guilin is not only the most famous landscape in the world, but also famous for its round, smooth, flexible and unique flavor. Its exquisite workmanship, first of all, the best rice into pulp, bag filter dry, Chuai into a flour ball, cooked after pressing into round roots or flakes. Garden called rice flour, flake called cut flour, commonly known as rice flour, its characteristics are white, tender, soft and smooth, refreshing. It is eaten in a variety of ways. The most particular about the production of brine, its technology varies from house to house, roughly from pig, ox bone, Siraitia grosvenorii and various seasonings, rich flavor. The flavor of rice noodles is different with different materials and methods of brine.

Guilin specialty 2: Gongcheng Camellia oleifera

The traditional production method of Camellia oleifera is to use black tea of old leaves as the main material, stir fry in oil until it is slightly burnt and fragrant, add salt and water to boil, most of which are boiled with ginger, which is strong and astringent, and spicy in astringency. Gongcheng area also add ground peanut powder, so that the taste is more mellow and less astringent, and because the cooking time is just right, Gongcheng camellia oil tea is held as the top of Camellia oleifera in various regions, and enjoys a good reputation in northern Guangxi and Guangxi. Drink camellia oil regardless of season, all the year round, morning and night. When guests arrive, they are ready to serve guests at any time, morning or evening, and they are more abundant.

Guilin specialty 3: Yangshuo beer fish

Yangshuo beer fish is a famous local specialty in Yangshuo. The fish is spicy and delicious without fishy smell. The smell of beer and fish can make people have a big appetite. The beer fish in Yangshuo is made of fresh carp from Lijiang River in Yangshuo. It is first fried with raw tea oil produced in the mountainous area of Northern Guangxi, and then stewed in the first-class beer produced in Guilin. It has a unique flavor of crisp and fresh. In May 2002, Yangshuo's beer fish was tender in the outside and yellow in the skin. It was fragrant in the mouth and teeth. It won the gold medal at the "Qishan Cup National fan Zong cuisine exchange competition seminar". As a result, Yangshuo's beer fish swam into the capital.

Guilin specialty 4: colorful Jinhua wine

In Pingle Guijiang boatman's diet, there are many kinds of fermented dishes, which are suitable for the shade and shade. The quality is light and natural, the taste is unique, and the process is simple and unprecedented. It has always been known as brewing everything

Guilin specialty 5: Lipu braised meat

Lipu braised meat is a famous local dish in Guilin, Guangxi, with a long history, which is recorded in Sima Qian's historical records. It is made of authentic Guilin Lipu Taro, pork with skin, Guilin Sufu and various seasonings. This dish is golden in color, soft and refreshing with taro slices and meat slices. It is oily but not greasy, and has a strong fragrance. It has the function of clearing away heat, removing fire and moistening skin color.

Guilin specialty 6: Quanzhou vinegar blood duck

Quanzhou vinegar blood duck is a local specialty food in Guilin. The duck is killed to retain blood and infused with sour vinegar. With tender ginger or bitter gourd as ingredients, the duck meat is stewed with soft fire before being cooked. Vinegar blood is poured into the duck before it is put out of the pot. The finished product is delicious and refreshing. The duck meat is soft and tasty. It is sour and spicy, appetizing and delicious. It is unforgettable.