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What are the specialties of Sanya? Sanya's most valuable specialty

Sanya is a prefecture level city in Hainan and an international tourist city with tropical seaside scenery. It is called Oriental Hawaii. Every year, many people travel to Sanya. Sanya tourism is mainly to see the sea, but when you go to Sanya, you must buy some special products to take home. So, do you know what specialties Sanya has worth taking away?

Sanya specialty 1: coconut candy

Coconut candy is a special candy of Sanya. It is made of fresh coconut juice from Hainan Island. It is refined by scientific production method. The coconut candy has a strong flavor, pure taste, high nutritional value, and a variety of varieties. It is especially suitable for senior citizens and children. Coconut candy can be bought in shopping malls and tourist shopping spots in Sanya

Sanya specialty 2: shell products

How can coastal cities lack shell products? Many souvenir shops in Sanya have small gifts made of shells, such as bracelets, ornaments, and the wind chimes of shells. A large bag of exquisite shells is only sold for more than ten yuan. In addition, when you are walking on the City Beach, you might as well look down and pick up some natural shells scattered on the beach as the best hand companion.

Sanya specialty 3: crystal products

The natural crystal produced in Sanya is of high quality and can be processed into various necklaces, bracelets, brassiere, earrings, glasses and exquisite crystal crafts. Crystal products not only have decorative effect, but also have health care effect on human body.

Sanya specialty 4: coconut powder

Coconut powder is a special product of Sanya. Fresh coconut meat is selected as the main raw material, then squeezed into coconut milk, and then dried into powder. The coconut powder produced by this method has strong coconut flavor, pure and delicious, ready to drink. Coconut powder is a natural drink with the highest amino acid content in the world. Its vitamin E can maintain the vitality of female youth, zinc can promote the development of girls, magnesium can improve the circulatory system of the elderly.