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What are the tips for choosing a seat? The best location of aircraft seat selection

We all know that we can choose seats when we buy plane tickets now? At this time, many people would like to know which seat on the plane is better? At present, there are pictures to show the seat selection of the plane. It is clear at a glance where the seat is by the window or by the aisle. However, the seat at the safe passage is not allowed to be selected. For the sake of safety, it is not recommended that the elderly and children should choose to sit. If the aisle seat is an old man, the stewardess will also suggest changing seats. If it is an international flight, the stewardess will also suggest that they should be English literate Passengers choose to sit.

1. If you want more comfort and less turbulence, you can choose first class (business class). Because this seat is in the front row of the plane seat. Of course, the price is 2-3 times that of economy class;

2. If you want to ride more comfortable and long legged passengers, you can choose which row of safety doors. Because this seat is much wider than other seats. Of course, this seat is not allowed to be selected online. You can only choose this seat when you change your boarding pass at the airport. One of the prerequisites is that you can't drink or get sick before boarding, and you can't take your children with you. Need to know is, this seat is economy class seat, the price and economy class is the same;

3. If you want to shoot in an airplane, you should choose the seat with the front and rear half by the window. Because this seat is easy to shoot and has a good view, it won't be affected by the big wings of the plane;

4. If you get airsick on the plane, try to choose a seat near the front. Because the front seat is much less affected by bumps, and the vibration amplitude is much smaller, which will not cause your airsickness;

5. If you are an elderly person or a father or mother with a baby, considering the convenience of getting on and off the plane and going to the bathroom in the cabin, you should choose an aisle seat. Because aisle seats reduce the inconvenience of getting in and out;

6. If you are a passenger with more convenient times, choose the front or rear seat as much as possible. Because the toilets in the cabin are at the front and rear. Of course, larger planes also have toilets in the middle;

7. If you're a person who likes to start sleeping on the way to the plane or doesn't want to be disturbed by other passengers, make sure you choose a seat by the window. Otherwise, if you choose an aisle seat or a middle seat, you will be disturbed.