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Do you need a tip to travel to Thailand? Where do I need to tip?

Now many people like to travel to Thailand. At this time, many people would like to know whether they need to give tips to travel in Thailand? Under what circumstances should a tip be given? How much is appropriate? When you visit Thailand, you will encounter all kinds of service consumption scenes, such as accommodation, dining in restaurants or street snack bars, sitting in bars for a while, taking a taxi, massaging, playing some water and jungle projects with the group, and watching performances. In addition, there may be car rental, visiting, shooting guns, nightclubs, etc.

Under what circumstances and how much do you usually tip?

We can first look at the exchange rate and feel how much RMB is corresponding to 20, 50 and 100 baht. The current exchange rate can be roughly calculated as follows: the amount of Thai baht divided by 5 is about RMB. Therefore, 20 baht is more than 4 yuan, 50 baht is more than 10 yuan, and 100 baht is more than 20 yuan. So do you think the tip of 4 to 20 yuan is more or less? differ from man to man. But that's the approximate amount of tip.

The denominations of Thai baht from small to large are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000. Among them, 20 and above are banknotes. Therefore, the general tip is 20 baht, that is, the minimum face value of a note, which is about more than 4 yuan.


1. When checking in or leaving, the bellman should give 20 THB tips to help you open the door and transport your luggage.

2. If you stay for more than one day, please put 20 baht on the head of the bed from the next day.

3. In the parking lot, please pay 20 baht if you are instructed to reverse.

4. If the lover's hotel opens the door for you, please pay 20-50 baht.


1. When you go to the restaurant, if the service is OK, you can give 20 baht. If you are satisfied, you can give 40-50 baht, not more than 100 baht. If it's a fancy restaurant, you can give it 50 or 100.

2. If you are satisfied with yourself, you can give it alone. Tell her that it's only for her. How much depends on your mood.

3. On rainy days, please pay 20 baht if you take an umbrella to send you to your brother in the car.

Note: it's not a street barbecue stall or a hamburger coffee buffet. And many restaurants have a 10% service charge. It doesn't matter if you don't give it.

Bars, nightclubs and other places of entertainment

1. Tip at least 100 baht.

2. In some bathrooms, when a waiter hands you a wet towel or massages your shoulder, please pay 20 baht.

2. As for the hour fee and appearance fee of Miss, there are different standards, and tips can also be included.

massage parlor

1. Parking lot, pay security guard 20 baht.

2. When choosing a masseur, pay the waiter 20-50 baht.

3. After entering the massage room, 20 baht is paid to the boy who delivers the drink.

4. After the massage, pay the masseur 100 baht and the bathroom 200 baht.

5. If you are not satisfied with the masseur, give 20 baht or free, and change places next time.

The most popular services for Thai tourists are 'massage' and 'SPA'. Usually, the salary of such staff is very low, so tips are very important for them.


1. Take a picture with the banshee, with a tip of 40 baht.

2. 100 baht on one side and 200 baht on both sides.

3. Take it away for the night and negotiate privately.

Note: take a picture with the lady body, they (or they) will be forced to charge a certain tip, so please make sure to give a tip if you take a group photo. What should Thailand pay attention to when giving tips? How much is a tip?


1. Generally, there is no tip. If you carry your luggage, please pay 20 baht.

2. If there is a change less than 10 baht, tell him not to change, which is a tip.

4. If the attitude is not good or deliberately detours, not only do not give tips, the change time difference is not a baht. Excessive, complain about him.

Go out with a group or other recreational activities

1. Generally, the itinerary is at least half a day or a day. At the end of the event, it is reasonable to give 100 Tips to the Thai tour guide. After all, they followed you all day.

2. As for other activities, such as' riding an elephant 'or' riding a canoe ', which are assisted by people, they are also more likely to give tips, and most of these types of tips are mainly 20-40 baht.

What should I pay attention to when I tip?

1. Do you think the tip will change? For example, you take out a red 100, and then say to the service girl, 'give you 20 tips, you can find me 80', embarrassed? Prepare some 20, 50 on your body, otherwise you can only give 100 or more heartache.

2. Tipping is to thank others for the service they have given us, so the attitude towards tipping is very important. Don't keep the feeling of giving and condescending, but we need to respect and thank. Moreover, the tip ratio must be based on the whole number such as 20, 40, 50, 100, 200, etc. because in Thailand, if you give change and steel jump, it means to give beggars' demeaning 'others, so never give change for convenience!