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Is overseas Chinese town in Eastern Shenzhen fun? How can I get to the eastern OCT?

OCT in the East is a scenic spot worth visiting in Shenzhen. It's a large holiday resort. The scenery inside is really very good. You can enjoy the exciting amusement projects and fresh natural scenery here. Is the OCT East of Shenzhen fun? This can be said to be a good place for vacation. Do you know how to get there?

Is overseas Chinese town in Eastern Shenzhen fun

Many of the tourists who have been there think that this place is very interesting. Many local people will take it as a weekend resort. The great swordsman valley ecological park and the tea Creek Valley Resort Park combine the mountain country and the urban theme park, presenting a world where Chinese and Western cultures blend. The small towns of interlagen, haifeide and Chaweng create fairy tale tea culture and Portuguese Wine culture dream town, there will be a large-scale multi-media symphony music and painting evening "Tianchan" with the theme of Zen tea culture performed in the Grand Theater every day. How to get to the overseas Chinese town in the east of Shenzhen?

How to get to the overseas Chinese town in the east of Shenzhen

[public transportation]

1. Take bus No.103, no.387, no.j1, no.j1 express, no.m207 (original No.53), no.m362, No.2 Dameisha holiday special line, sightseeing bus line and airport line 6 to Daxia valley station (also known as Daxia Valley parking lot and bus terminal)

2. Take No. 103b, 239, 308, 380A, 380b, E12, E13, M207 (original 53), Dameisha Holiday Special Line 2, sightseeing bus line, airport line 6 to [Dameisha bathing beach station] or [Meisha Street office station], and then transfer to B620 to the eastern overseas Chinese town Daxia valley station.

[self driving]

1. The second channel of Shenzhen salt has been fully opened to traffic. Tourists can transfer from the central area through the second channel of Shenzhen salt, and Yanba expressway will go to the exit of 'Dameisha' to the great Xia valley of the overseas Chinese town in the East.

2. Self driving tourists can also leave Guangshen Expressway by Machong interchange, enter Guangshen Yanjiang expressway through western trunk line, enter Shajing North Ring Road and return to Guangshen Expressway (Xinqiao Interchange) after driving away from Guangshen riverside Expressway pastoral interchange

OCT in the East is a popular scenic spot in Shenzhen, and the whole scenic area is relatively large. If you have enough time to travel, you can arrange more time here. Some related strategies should also be done well. Otherwise, you can't visit the essence of the scenic spot.