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Scenic spots suitable for poor tourists in China do not need tickets

Nowadays, many people like to travel outside. Many people want to know where it is most worthwhile to travel? We all know that a scenic spot is worth visiting as long as the ticket price is right and the scenic spot is very beautiful. Today, I'd like to introduce some cities that are suitable for poor people?

Hangzhou West Lake

First of all, the first scenic spot is the West Lake in Hangzhou. In the recent holiday, this scenic spot has become a feature that many people are eager to pursue. Moreover, referring to some of the most popular scenic spots in our country, the West Lake absolutely ranks in the top 10, and it also has a certain landmark for the local area, especially now it has been rated as a 5A level by the state. In addition to ordinary scenic spots, there are many other very good places to go, such as the local museum and the unique food culture. Therefore, this kind of place is very suitable for college students and people who have just graduated and have little savings to visit. They can take a walk on the lake and have a taste of the local special cakes, especially when the sun is setting, The scenery by the West Lake is as beautiful as a picture.

Confucian temple

The second scenic spot is Confucius Temple. This unique scenic spot is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and it can be regarded as a classic scenic spot in people's mind. Especially for local people, this big scenic spot also has a profound attraction. Local people also often wander around the temple and taste the snacks. Therefore, if we come to Nanjing as a stranger, we must not forget to visit the Confucius Temple. The architectural style here is also quite unique. In addition, we can have a good taste. The salted duck with special flavor in Nanjing is also worth enjoying There are also other duck making works, including osmanthus duck and so on, which make people praise.

Of course, when it's cooler at night, we can also take some local cruise ships here. The scenery on both sides of the Strait can be seen at a glance during the tour.

Tiananmen is magnificent and magnificent

The third landscape is Tian'anmen Square. Tiananmen Square has always been regarded as a very representative square, and now it has been rated as a 5A level existence, covering an area of more than 440000 square meters. At the same time, this scenic spot can accommodate millions of people at the same time. The most important thing we appreciate here is not only the magnificence of Tiananmen Square, but also the flag raising ceremony. Therefore, if we have time, we must come to this square to participate in a flag raising ceremony, and fully realize the growing strength of our country. In addition, there were many significant events before Tiananmen Square in history. Even the establishment of our country was officially held here. It can be said that it is indeed a place full of historical significance.

Shanghai Bund

The fourth scenery is the Bund of Shanghai. We all know that Shanghai is indeed a very charming city. Many people will feel very familiar with this city, including the grand World Expo held here. However, when we come to Shanghai, there are not many old places worth visiting. However, the Bund is also a very open place. Especially, the night scene is quite charming. High rise buildings beside it are particularly gorgeous. We can see many landmark buildings in Shanghai.

Landmark free attractions

There is no need to spend money to buy tickets for the above scenic spots, but we still need to make our own planning for the basic necessities of life. Do you know where else you can have a good time without tickets?