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One dead and six injured due to the broken guardrail of glass slide in Foziling, Guangxi. What is th

According to the latest news, the reporter interviewed the tourists who had an accident in Foziling scenic spot, anhuazhen Town, Pingnan County, Guangxi Province at 2:30 p.m. on June 5. On the day of June 5, a number of tourists directly smashed the guardrail of the glass slide because of the sliding speed. The accident eventually led to one person died and many tourists were injured. What's going on here?

In view of the occurrence of the accident, local media reporters came to the place where the accident happened and carried out specific investigation and visit work.

Reporters at the scene to see that the location of the accident, near the end of the slide. The distance between the starting point and the end point of the slide is 260 meters, and the vertical height is 301 meters. In the middle of the slide, there is a curve, followed by a 101 meter straight. When the tourists glide, they just slide down from the starting point of the meeting through a simple cloth pad and a pair of simple gloves.

Pingnan County Emergency Management Bureau staff, told reporters after the event: due to the tourists at that time the sliding speed was too fast, toughened glass and guardrail could not block the huge impact. Among them, a male tourist flew 7.3 meters away from the guardrail. After the accident, director Yu of Ping'an County Emergency Management Bureau said in an interview with reporters: when the scenic spot is open to the outside world.

We have joined forces with several departments to carry out national inspection work and have asked the other party to suspend business for rectification in writing. However, the scenic spot is still open to the public. Then the reporter came to Pingnan County People's Hospital and interviewed several injured tourists.

Among them, Ms. yuan, the injured, told reporters about the specific process of the incident.

Ms. Yuan said: at that time, their feet were not protected. It rained when we were in the middle of the slide. The glass surface was very slippery and slippery, so we couldn't grasp the guardrail. Then the land continued one after another, and there was no interval between them. The speed was still very fast. Later, another tourist Xiao Yuan told reporters: he was the third to come down, and there were several tourists behind him. After the end, I just stood up, was pushed by the people behind, and was knocked down.

Later, Ms. yuan told reporters that they had come to 9 people, all of whom were related to each other. Because two people were too tired to climb the mountain, they were spared.

After the accident, nine injured people were sent to the hospital for treatment. After treatment, a minor injury was no longer in any way. After the doctor's examination, he was discharged on the same day. But among the injured who were sent to the hospital, three tourists were seriously injured. One of the male tourists, is a severe craniocerebral injury, and the body also has multiple skin contusion and laceration. Although the doctor's rescue, but the male tourist was still declared invalid, died. The other two seriously injured tourists suffered multiple body fractures. After the operation, the injuries are basically stable. In addition, two tourists with minor injuries have also been treated by doctors.

Subsequently, the reporter learned that the scenic spot where the accident occurred began to officially open in September 2018. However, the scenic spot has not obtained the approval procedures of relevant departments. At present, the public security organs of Pingnan County have effectively controlled the persons in charge of the scenic spots. At the same time, Pingnan County Emergency Management Bureau ordered Ping'an County Fozi Tourism Co., Ltd. to stop business immediately for rectification. The specific cause of the accident and the compensation work for the dead and injured tourists are in progress.