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How to apply for visa in Sweden? Summary of necessary information for visa application in Sweden

Now many people like to travel abroad. The most important thing to travel abroad is to apply for a visa. If you can't get a visa, there will be no so-called going abroad. Sweden as a Schengen agreement country. It is quite complicated to apply for a visa. So, do you know what materials are required for a short-term visa in Sweden? What are the precautions for short-term visa in Sweden?

Short term visa for Sweden

1. Short term visa form for Sweden. This form needs to be filled out carefully and every question should be answered truthfully. First fill in the front, then tear off the small strip, turn over the single-sided carbon paper to fill in the back. When filling in the address, don't write the work unit. Remember not to leave out the address, and the applicant must sign at last.

2. Two recent 2-inch photos.

3. An invitation letter in English or Swedish. The period of validity should be within three months. The time limit and purpose of the visit, as well as the question of who should bear the expenses, must be noted here, and must be signed by the inviting person.

4. Bank deposit certificate. The validity period should also be within three months. In principle, the bank deposit certificate of the investor must be issued. If both parties bear part of the expenses, both parties should issue their own deposit certificate.

5. A copy of the passport of the Swiss inviting party, including the period of validity of the visa.

6. Question list and kinship list. This should also be filled in carefully. If the applicant has a job, it is also necessary to issue an English certificate that the applicant still has a job after visiting relatives and friends.

7. A handling fee of RMB 250 is required for the submission of materials.

When the applicant's original passport materials are ready, they should be sent together with the passport to the visa office of the Swedish Consulate General in Shanghai. After that, the consulate will inform and arrange the interview. What are the precautions for short-term visa in Sweden? How to apply for Swedish visa under 18 years old?

Notes on short term visa in Sweden:

1. The visiting time on the application form must be clearly written with the specific date. The Consulate General will apply for the visa according to the date filled in by the applicant;

2. Children under the age of 18 apply to go to Sweden with the written consent of both parents. Students who apply for school leave need to provide proof during school leave;

3. All documents submitted for short-term visa should be in English or Swedish.

According to different personal conditions, applicants can provide some corresponding materials according to their actual situation

1. Those who want to settle in Sweden need to provide the original notarial certificate of marriage or singleness, as well as the notarization of the relative relationship between parents and children, birth notarization, marriage notarization of spouse, and a copy of the passport of the Swedish related person;

2. Students studying in Sweden need to provide the original admission notice and financial guarantee;

3. Those who go to work in Sweden should bring Swedish invitation letter and work permit application form;

4. Visitors to Sweden, if they are children, should provide their parents' letter of invitation in English or Swedish, financial guarantee and a copy of their passport. Marriage notarization should be provided for spouse's family visit, and birth certificate should be provided for children visiting parents. In addition, written consent of both parents is required for children under 16 years old to visit relatives. If the parents visit their children, a notarial certificate of kinship shall be provided.

5. For guarantors, it is necessary to issue a statement indicating that they are willing to provide guarantee for the guarantors. At the same time, the guarantee amount and time limit should be clearly written. In addition, bank deposit certificate should be provided.

In addition, all applicants for short-term visa in Sweden must clearly fill in the address, name and postcode of the applicant. The materials provided must have English or Swedish translation documents. As for the visa processing time, it is generally two to three months. During this period, applicants are advised not to write or call to inquire. The Consulate General will inform the applicants as soon as possible after receiving the notice from the Immigration Bureau.