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Can high speed rail be consigned? Why can't high speed rail be consigned?

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's transportation, the development of high-speed rail is obvious to all. Most people will choose high-speed rail when they travel. We all know that high-speed rail can't be consigned. Many small partners will wonder why high-speed rail can't be consigned? So, what about overweight luggage?

Why can't high speed rail check in luggage?

At present, the high-speed railway is still unable to check large pieces of luggage. One of the problems is whether the arrival and stop time of EMU can meet the time required for luggage handling. At present, the stop time of EMU trains in China is generally 2-6 minutes, and the short-distance high-speed railway can run several times on the same day. It is not easy to load and unload luggage in such a short time. In addition, it is necessary to organize the boarding and landing of passengers on the platform at the same time. How to ensure the safety of passengers?

In addition, even if the high-speed rail can check in luggage, it will also extend the train stop time, but the total operation time will be increased, and long-distance passengers may be affected. How to balance the relationship between high-speed rail passenger flow and freight transport is also a problem restricting the high-speed rail luggage not to be checked. What can I do if the luggage is overweight? How to deal with overweight luggage?

How to deal with overweight luggage?

If passengers really need to carry bicycles or other overweight and oversized items, they can go to the station to check in. Passengers with bicycles can choose China Railway Express or railway luggage and parcel to deliver bicycles to their destinations according to their own conditions. The charge standard should be charged according to the weight of the goods and the mileage of the consignment. In addition, passengers with pets need to go through the check-in procedures at the station in advance and put the pets in the baggage car for transportation. And the pet that handles check-in must also have relevant certificate provided by quarantine department.

Another way is to choose a suitable logistics or express company to check in your luggage before you take the high-speed rail. It is worth mentioning that if you have valuables, please take them with you or carry out insured transportation to avoid unnecessary losses.