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China's most aggrieved ancient town can be played for two days with 200 yuan, but it has become the

We all know what is the most important thing in Jiangnan? It may be an ancient town. Its profound history has nurtured many beautiful ancient water towns. Now it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions for tourists. You can easily click a few, such as Zhouzhuang, Wuzhen, Xitang, etc. These ancient towns have always had a good reputation. If you want to talk about the ancient town which has been blackened the most in the south of the Yangtze River, it is really necessary to mention Dangkou ancient town in Wuxi. In the past two years, this famous historical and cultural town in China has been completely blackened by the rumor of "multiple fare pit tourists". Is this true?

First of all, let's talk about the rumors here. The ticket price of Dangkou ancient town is 80 yuan, but soon after it was opened, it came out that 80 yuan was only the ticket price for entering the gate. If you want to visit the six representative scenic spots, you have to buy six tickets for each scenic spot. According to the standard of this rumor, it's not too much to say that Dangkou is the most expensive ancient town in China. Many people just heard the rumor and began to curse Dangkou. After all, those more famous ancient towns didn't dare to charge such fees. What's the reason for your fledgling Dangkou ancient town? Such a rumor naturally let many people stay away from here, but also let Dangkou's popularity once plummeted.

So what is the actual Dangkou like? After experiencing it personally, the conclusion is that the comments on criticizing Dangkou on the Internet are pure rumors. Because there is no such thing as collecting tickets randomly here. It is indeed 80 yuan to enter the scenic spot during the day, but there is no charge for the six representative scenic spots after entering the scenic spot. In the process of consulting the scenic spot personnel, we learned that when visiting the six scenic spots in the ancient town, we need to check the tickets for each one. We didn't say that we would buy tickets. Maybe it is because of this that the rumor is that we have to buy six tickets Yeah. In fact, there is no official consumption in the ancient town except for the voluntary rental of ancient costume and a private wax museum.

And even if you come back to the scenic spot after 5 p.m., the tickets may not be used because the ancient town is completely free after 5 p.m. Moreover, it is not after 5 o'clock that all the merchants in the ancient town will be closed. In fact, there are many merchants in the ancient town at 5 o'clock, and there will be less tourists. The scenery of the ancient town in the evening is particularly attractive. Yurong thinks that the scenery in Dangkou in the evening is much better than that in the daytime. And because there are no tickets for several scenic spots now, you can go to the ancient town at 5 o'clock, and then stay for a day to get up again. During the day, you can visit all the scenic spots of the ancient town for free. Moreover, compared with other ancient towns, this ancient town is very quiet. It is a very suitable place to live for two days, and it has a great flavor of life.

Is there any phenomenon of arbitrary charges in the ancient town? After visiting here for three consecutive days, I found that the price was very low. I even thought that it was lower than the shopping malls outside the ancient town. The most distinctive fried meat was only 38 yuan per kilogram, and it could be vacuum packed. The green and white dumplings filled with bean paste and meat stuffing were only 1.5 to 2.5 yuan a piece, and the autumn cake was 10 yuan. Yu Rong has a deep memory of a local restaurant in the town. The dishes cooked by CCTV twice are also very delicious. The per capita consumption can be controlled within 30 yuan, which is very affordable. The shop owner also makes people feel very kind.

In this way, if you enter the ancient town after 5:00 p.m. and do not need tickets, it may cost less than 300 yuan for two days. If you live in a youth travel agency, you can enjoy the whole ancient town for 200 yuan in two days. After all, the cruise ship only costs 30 yuan. Besides, there will also be water weddings here. If you want to attend, you only need 30 yuan to buy a cruise ticket. When Yu Rong was traveling here, there were famous tourist couples who got married here. They were well-known and blessed by thousands of people. It's really a good conscience.

The area of the ancient town is small, but the whole is very exquisite. A river runs through it, and the white walls and grey tiles buildings with clear pattern are located in the center. There are many small arched bridges in the middle, which vaguely show the traces of the years. The alleys are full of various characteristic snack shops and handicraft shops, and you can't stop walking. The most beautiful time of the ancient town is in the morning and evening. The morning is the most refreshing and quiet. The birds have just got up and the tourists have not come in yet. There are just blooming roses everywhere, like gentle beauties who get up early in the morning. The beauty of the evening lies in the fact that the sky is not dark, the lights are already on, the crowd begins to disperse, and the swing mouth under the light is a bit more gorgeous and quiet, how can we not shoot enough.

If you want to say that this ancient town is not fun, is it worth visiting? He thinks that there may not be too much excitement and excitement. He likes the beauty of Jiangnan Water Town and doesn't want to be overcrowded. Dangkou is definitely a good choice. On holidays, there will be weddings in the water town, the title of the gold medal, the immersive performance of Tang Bohu's autumn fragrance, and the sedan chair. Each of them is very wonderful. There are also folk arts in the town, such as sugar blowing man, drum playing, Sheng blowing and so on. There are six scenic spots with their own characteristics, such as the former residence of Qian Mu, the former residence of Huashi Yizhuang and the former residence of Wang Xin, the composer of the motherland. Yurong also happened to meet Mr. Wang Xin's granddaughter this time, and led the students to hold a charity sale of paintings at the gate of his former residence, which was very meaningful. He bought several paintings.

It's better to spend 80 yuan in the ancient town than to spend 80 yuan on it. Internet rumors ferment too fast. Sometimes hearing is false and seeing is believing. Such a beautiful Jiangnan Water Town should not be overshadowed by this.