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What are the interesting places of Qingzhou, a hidden city in Shandong Province?

Qingzhou has a long history. In the Western Han Dynasty, it set up the Department of Qingzhou governor, known as Qingzhou City. During the Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period, Qingzhou City has developed into an important town in the East. Because it is located between the East China Sea and Mount Tai, it is located in the east of China. Now Qingzhou is a county-level city in Weifang City, Shandong Province. So, do you know any interesting scenic spots in Qingzhou?

As one of the 'ancient Jiuzhou', Qingzhou has a profound culture. Today's ancient city of Qingzhou is a national 5A tourist attraction. Qingzhou ancient city is a rare ancient city at home and abroad. It has been well preserved up to now. There are a large number of remains of government office buildings, memorial archways all over the ancient streets, more than 120 ancient streets and alleys of Ming and Qing Dynasties and many traditional dwellings in the scenic area.

Qingzhou is an excellent tourist city and a famous historical and cultural city in China. Besides the ancient city of Qingzhou, there are many excellent scenic spots, such as Yunmen mountain, Yangtian mountain, Taihe mountain, Shuangbei Sports Park, Huahaoyueyuan scenic spot, Mihe Water Conservancy Scenic Spot, Qingyou Nanyang River scenic spot, Qingzhou farmer painting Academy, jiulongyu scenic spot, etc It is a national grade A (above) scenic spot.

Why are there so many tourism resources in Qingzhou? Besides the history of Qingzhou, it is also related to the topography of Qingzhou. The counties and cities in plain terrain generally lack of natural landscape. For example, those counties in the south of Hebei Province are lack of tourism resources, especially the natural landscape. The topography of Qingzhou is half of Yishan mountain range and half of northern Shandong plain. There are many natural landscapes in the mountains. Of course, in addition to history and topography, economic strength is also a major factor.

Qingzhou is a strong economic city, located between Weifang and Zibo, with superior location and convenient transportation. Qingzhou was established as a city in the 1980s, which shows its comprehensive strength. In 2018, the GDP of Qingzhou was about 70.5 billion yuan, ranking the third in Weifang, the number of experts gathered, after Shouguang and Zhucheng. Qingzhou has been selected into the list of the top 100 counties in China in 2018, ranking No. 57 with excellent achievements.