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How many 5A scenic spots are there in Nanyang? Nanyang 5A scenic spot

Nanyang, Henan Province, is located in the south of Funiu Mountain and the north of Han River. So, do you know which 5A scenic spots are in Nanyang? What are the interesting places in these scenic spots?

1. Xixia Laojieling

At present, Nanyang has two 5A level scenic spots, one of which is Laojieling. In 2014, the Laojieling scenic area of Funiu Mountain in Xixia was awarded the national 5A tourist attraction. For tourists, Laojieling can be said to be a very cost-effective scenic spot. The ticket price of 60 yuan is very friendly to the people, and the scenery is also very good.

The mountain peaks above 1800 meters above sea level in Laojieling scenic area mainly include moyunduo, Mazong cliff, monk hat, Jianshan, Maokui mountain, luanzingding, Laoqunshan, jijiaojian, Yuhuangding, etc. According to investigation, Laojieling was formed in the Sinian system 1.8 billion years ago. It is a real boundary ridge with an area of 180000 mu. There are 9 scenic spots and more than 260 scenic spots. It is an ideal garden for seeking seclusion, summer vacation and scientific research.

Laojieling Nature Reserve was listed as a provincial nature reserve in 1982 and a National Nature Reserve in 1998. It is the largest National Nature Reserve in Henan Province.

2. Xixia dinosaur Heritage Park

Xixia dinosaur park is another 5A scenic spot in Nanyang. Dinosaur Heritage Park is located in Danshui Town, Xixia County. It is mainly composed of geological science square, dinosaur egg fossil Museum, dinosaur museum, dinosaur egg ruins, dinosaur park, Carnival amusement park, Longdu water park, etc. it is a large dinosaur theme park integrating science popularization, sightseeing, entertainment, leisure and scientific research, closely combining primitive and modern.

The Xixia dinosaur Heritage Park features the Xixia dinosaur egg fossils as its main exhibition features. It has not only the Xixia dinosaur egg fossil museum with dinosaur egg fossils as its main exhibits, but also a dinosaur egg site exhibition hall featuring the original burial state of dinosaur egg fossils. The scenic area is equipped with the first dynamic 4D cinema in Central Plains and a space-time tunnel to show the theme of the earth's vicissitudes and complex biological evolution.

Main attractions

Dinosaur egg site

There are 13 species, 9 genera and 6 families of dinosaur egg fossils in Xixia Basin. Among them, giant long egg and Gobi Lingzhu egg are rare and unique in the world

Egg Fossil Museum

There are dinosaur egg fossils display, 4D cinema, time tunnel and dynamic scene dinosaur. It has multiple functions such as science popularization, education and tourism.

Longdu Water Park

Let you really experience the effect of seaside tourism, high-altitude fast water skiing, this is the world of water, all experience the charm of water.

Dynamic 4D cinema

Compared with other cinema models such as 4D and 4D, 4D is a new type of cinema, which has the advantages of high fidelity and high-tech.

Dinosaur Pavilion

The dinosaur museum and the dinosaur egg fossil Museum complement each other, which is another window to display the world-class geological relics of hard to raise dinosaur egg fossils.

Dinosaur Park

In the dark jungle under the vast sky, Tyrannosaurus Rex is ready to move, Liang dinosaur is leisurely, careless rounded corner dinosaur just finished, but was stolen by egg stealing dinosaur, so the battle is about to break out.