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Is Baiyun Mountain scenic spot fun? Ticket price of Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot

Baiyun Mountain is a popular place for hiking in Guangzhou. In spring, there are many people who come here for spring outing and mountain climbing. It's very good to be close to nature and breathe fresh air. How much is the ticket for Baiyun Mountain scenic spot? Do not know the price of Baiyun Mountain tickets in Guangzhou friends can make a good reference to this article.

How much is the ticket for Baiyun Mountain scenic spot?

Baiyun Mountain is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Guangzhou. It is composed of more than 30 peaks in the distance. At the main peak of Moxing mountain, you can see the whole city from top to bottom. Every time in late spring or after the new rain on the empty mountain, white clouds can be seen among the mountains, which is why Baiyun Mountain is named. The most beautiful season of Baiyun Mountain is in spring. The beautiful scenery of flowers is enough to make people moved. With the sparkling lake, you can breathe the fresh air and feel very calm.

Baiyunshan Scenic Spot: ordinary ticket: 5 yuan, annual ticket: 200 yuan, monthly ticket: 20 yuan, one-way ticket for cableway going up the mountain: 25 yuan, one-way ticket for going down the mountain: 20 yuan, one-way ticket for Yuntai garden and mingchungu: 10 yuan, Beilin, moxingling and taohuajian: 5 yuan, full-time undergraduate and below with valid certificates Minors aged 6 to 18, the elderly aged 60 to 64 enjoy half price discount, children aged 6 or under 1.2m, the elderly aged 65 or above, active servicemen, retired cadres of the military, and disabled people are directly exempted with valid certificates.

The ticket price of Baiyunshan in Guangzhou has been described in detail. If you need a friend, you can take a look at it as a reference. The specific ticket price should be based on the actual payment.