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What's the difference between Shanghai Zoo and wildlife park? Which of these two is more fun?

We all know that there is a zoo and a wildlife park in Shanghai. Many tourists and friends are confused about which is the best fun for the Shanghai zoo or the wildlife park? After all, the zoo experience is basically the same, choose one of them. So, which one is more fun?

Which is fun, Shanghai zoo or wildlife park

There are two zoos, Shanghai Zoo is in Changning District, and the wildlife park is in Pudong New Area. If you have to choose one of the two zoos, you can recommend the wildlife park. In terms of scale, the wildlife park is also one of the best in the country. Here, all the wildlife parks are free range, running freely on the grassland, gathering the movements of all over the world We can also see animal performances such as elephants, giraffes, flamingos, etc. and the "little animal park" popular with children, to experience the fun of feeding alpacas by hand.

Shanghai Zoo, in fact, is also very good, of course, not as good as the wild zoo. There are many kinds of animals in Shanghai Zoo, as well as playground and rest lawn. It's suitable for taking your kids around on weekends. The whole garden is luxuriant in flowers and leaves, elegant in environment, with small rivers running through it. Walking in the garden, you can feel the rare natural ecological atmosphere in the metropolis. However, if you come from other places and want to see animals, you still recommend a wildlife park.

Which zoo in Shanghai is more fun? If it's a tourist from other places, it's more recommended for wild animals, because there are a lot of animals and they have high playability. There are also various animal performances, which are very wonderful.