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Can I return the special ticket? When is the best time to return the special ticket?

It's Dragon Boat Festival holiday again. Many friends have travel plans. I believe that many friends have bought special tickets in advance. But if the travel plans change, can the special tickets be refunded?

Can I return the special ticket?

As we all know, there used to be a rule that "special fares can't be refunded or changed", but now this situation has changed a lot! In July 2018, the Aviation Administration issued a notice requiring airlines to formulate a "step rate" for ticket refunding and endorsement, which cannot simply stipulate that special fares shall not be refunded and endorsement.

Since the issuance of the notice, there are 23 airlines that have implemented the "step rate" return and change rules, and 9 airlines have not yet formulated the "step rate" return and change rules, as shown in the following figure:

Service charge for refund and endorsement of airlines

The rules for refunding and changing tickets vary from one airline to another. They are related to the time of refunding and changing tickets, the price of tickets and the class. Although it's a bit complicated, there is a consistent standard: the earlier you leave, the lower the handling fee, and the more cost-effective the passengers are. See the figure below for the specific refund and endorsement fees charged by each airline company.

However, the editor finally reminded us that it's hard to buy special tickets. Since you have bought them, you'd better not return them.