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How can Zigong get to Chengdu? How long does it take from Zigong to Chengdu?

Sichuan can be said to be a major tourism province in China. Many donkeys like to travel to Sichuan. Every city in Sichuan can be said to be a tourist attraction, while Zigong is one of the prefecture level cities in Sichuan. In 2019, Zigong won the "hometown of Chinese salt dishes". So, how can Zigong get to Chengdu? What are the buses from Zigong to Chengdu east railway station? How long does it take?

The first is train travel. There are four trains from Zigong to Chengdu every day, namely k854, k1274, k830 and k9446. The time of these four trains is not very good. Only k9446 leaves at 09:48 a.m. and arrives at Chengdu at 15:06 p.m. Other trains leave in the early morning. The time is very bad, so many passengers and friends are often reluctant to travel by train. But relatively speaking, the train ticket price from Zigong to Chengdu is quite cost-effective, and the general travel time is about 5 hours.

The second way of travel is bus. Many small partners will choose bus for the journey from Zigong to Chengdu. Although the fare of bus is almost twice as expensive as that of train ticket, there are a lot of buses. It is quite safe that the bus ticket from Zigong to Chengdu generally starts from Zigong bus terminal. But there are other trains, mainly depending on how convenient the passengers are. It's usually about three hours' drive.

The third way to travel from Zigong to Chengdu is by plane. My friends may be shocked. Zigong and the airport? Yes, it was the former Zigong Fengming general airport, which was originally the first general airport in southern Sichuan. On March 13, 2018, the plenary session of the Sichuan delegation at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress discussed and adopted suggestions related to the long-term development of Sichuan, and proposed to upgrade Zigong Fengming general airport to a civil aviation freight airport. In the future, Zigong may open a short-distance ferry service to Chengdu, and then it may only take 40 minutes from Zigong to Chengdu. The price will also be very affordable.

In addition, online ticket purchase from Zigong to Chengdu generally supports tickets within 10 days, and train tickets can be purchased 30 days in advance. The ticket issuing time of Zigong to Chengdu is subject to the station. In addition, you can choose to buy tickets at two bus stations, Chengdong bus station and Zigong bus terminal in Fushun County. When buying tickets, pay attention to the location. Some of them can go to the east of Chengdu, some of them can go to Tianfu Square, and some of them can go to the downtown. So we need to see it clearly when we buy tickets.

Well, it seems that after Xiaobian's introduction, do you have a certain understanding of Zigong's travel mode to Chengdu? The self driving Xiaobian will not be introduced here.