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New changes have taken place in Meixiu! Which social accounts need to be provided in the past five y

Recently, visa applicants are required to provide personal information on designated social media platforms for the past five years. Applicants can also choose to provide personal information on non designated social media platforms. According to the New York Times, the new rules target 20 designated social media platforms. The new policy of "visa applicants need to submit social media accounts for nearly five years" soon triggered a wide discussion. Is it necessary to clear all the microblogs that have been sent in five years in order to apply for visa in the future?


On March 29, 2018, the state department proposed that all U.S. visa applicants submit their social media accounts for the past five years.


The proposal was published in the Federal Register on March 30, and the public has 60 days to comment and discuss it. If nothing happens, the proposal will be approved by the U.S. Office of management and budget in 60 days, when it will take effect.

Proposals published in the Federal Register


After the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino in 2015, the use of immigrant social media received more attention. The U.S. government issued a series of policies to strengthen the monitoring of social media.

This year's new policy is also considered an extension of the previous policy by the trump government.

It will also need to be reviewed

Similar policies were introduced in July 2017, but only in the form that some tourists need to fill in a questionnaire survey, including social media information. According to the relevant data, only 1% of people may receive the questionnaire.


The new proposal extends the scope of examination to all visa applicants. The State Department estimates that the proposal affects not only 710000 immigrant applicants who enter the United States every year, but also 14 million non immigrant visa applicants who study, travel and business in the United States. What social media does Meixing need to submit for review? Do you want to avoid these words if you want to pass quickly?


1. Which social media needs to be submitted for review?

The proposal involves 20 social media platforms. Most of them are American: Facebook, Flickr, Google +, instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, pinterest, reddit, Tumblr, twitter, vine and Youtube.

But some are outside the US: Douban, QQ, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Youku in China; VK, a Russian social network; twoo, founded in Belgium; and a question and answer platform in Latvia .

The proposal is basically a representative of the White House bureaucracy. QQ is not social media in any case. Like wechat, it is primarily a communication application. Tencent Weibo is almost closed. Even in the list of social media in the United States, there is a product like vine that has been out of service for 800 years.

--The great microblog V Lianxi tweeted that

2. How will social media account information be submitted?

It can be roughly determined that the social media account information of non immigrant visa will be submitted through form ds160. If this policy is passed successfully, the content of social media account will be added in form ds160 filled in by each visa applicant.

According to the visa processing of the embassy and the review process of the U.S. Customs, the basic information of the applicant may be reviewed after the visa application form is submitted, after the interview is passed and before entering the customs.