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Which places are more fun to travel to in Thailand? Ten things to do in Thailand tourism

Thailand is a country that many people prefer to travel abroad. Thailand is not only close to our country, but also has beautiful scenery. Moreover, the tourism consumption in Thailand is not high. So when you go to Thailand, do you know where to go? What do you have to do to go to Thailand?

1. To see the Grand Palace

Thai people worship the king of Thailand, who has always been in charge of military power. So no matter how the flag changes in China, the king of Thailand is still. The Grand Palace is adjacent to the Meinan river. The magnificent ancient buildings form a scene in the downtown area.

There is not only one palace in Thailand, but the Grand Palace is the best preserved. It has a large scale and traditional Thai characteristics, which can be said to be the leading Thai palace. Today, apart from coronation and court ceremonies, the Grand Palace is rarely used for other purposes. Tens of millions of tourists come to visit every day. It is a landmark building in Thailand.

2. To eat at the roadside stall

Thailand's roadside stalls are worth eating. Don't just have group meals with tourist groups, or just eat in the shop. Thai barbecue, fruit smoothie, banana pancakes are all worth a try. Thai roadside stalls often use plastic bags to pack food, which can be taken away directly. Just take a moment to buy it.

I don't think we need to recommend mango glutinous rice and roasted banana, because they are so famous. But you must have never eaten Thai fried insects! Do you think it's weird? But delicious and nutritious, how about a little weird?

3. Water scenery

We can't miss the "water project" when we go to Thailand to see the scenery. The cruise of the Mekong River has always been a popular itinerary. It doesn't cost much to travel on the Mekong River. Many tour groups have packages in their itinerary, because the night in the Mekong River is really worth praising.

In addition to the scenery of the Mekong River, it is also recommended to go to some water markets. Thai people see going to the water market as the same thing as our shopping, not only shopping, but also a form of social circle of friends. Everything in the water market is sold on board. You can bargain. The fruit is very fresh. It's recommended to buy.

4. To ride an elephant

Thailand is a country of elephants. There are all kinds of elephants, from gods to elephants. Riding an elephant is a unique way of playing in tropical countries. In ancient times, the people who rode an elephant in Thailand were generally nobles and royalty. Although the elephant looked slow, it was still a bit wobbly on its back.

Is this expensive? Is it dangerous? To be honest, it's not expensive. As long as you don't mess with elephants, it's not dangerous. There are usually tours in the tour group. You can consider signing up for a tour group. You don't have to worry about others.

5. To see folk customs

To a country, we should first look at the traditional things of the country, because the modern things are almost the same. But for short trips, everyone's time is precious. The best way to go to some places full of folk flavor is simple, rough, quick and ruthless.

It's more popular and formal to go to Dongba folk village in Bangkok. Many tourist groups will also choose this place. In general, it's about 2 hours. Traditional Thai dance, Thai clothes, Thai boxing and cock fighting can all be seen here once. After a round of walking down, I also know about Thai populism.

6. To do Thai massage

Thailand has a lot of places for massage. I have to say that it is very comfortable to do it. I will know if I have to do it. Thailand has female prison to open soon after the end of their sentence to do Thai massage, but generally in Chiang Mai. Bangkok to do Thai massage to be careful, shops are likely to be accompanied by extortion.

It's not a problem with group tourism. The travel society chooses regular places. Thai massage generally takes more than one hour to two hours. Recently, it is very popular to apply herbal medicine first and then massage. It's said that it's better to keep healthy, of course, but you can choose either.

7. Going to see the monster show

There are lots of banshees in Bangkok, but often with adult performances. It's a little big in scale, and the environment is not easy to say. It's a mixture of fish and dragons. But to say luxurious and gorgeous scene, it should be regarded as the first of the "jindongni" dance show.

There are a lot of banshees in Thailand. They don't like to be called "banshees". When talking to ordinary people, they can say "Lady body". Of course, it would be better if you called them "shuijingjing". The group photos of the human and the demon are all charged. The basic body contact fees are not discussed.

8. To see the beach

The beach in Thailand is really good. It's a reserved project to visit the beach in Pattaya. Almost no one will skip it. If you have the conditions, you can go to a beach resort hotel, which has a good environment and landscape.

In Pattaya's words, it's almost the same size to live in the beach Heritage Resort. It's about 4 stars (but it's only 4 stars in the local area, which can't be compared with the domestic stars). The transportation is very convenient. It's less than 15 minutes to go to the pedestrian street or the beach by taxi. The room is spacious and the facilities are quite complete. The key is WiFi. Everyone knows it.

9. Going to worship Buddha

Bangkok, Pattaya, Thailand is full of Buddhas. There are too many four sided Buddhas and other kinds of ghosts. Some people will choose to buy a Buddha card or a Guman boy or something. To be honest, people who don't understand it are better not to do it by themselves. These are particular.

But when you come to the Buddhist kingdom, you must worship the Buddha. Thailand's Buddha things are more spectacular, and particularly willing to use gold. There are two places to go: one is the four Buddhist temples in Bangkok, which are the most prosperous and popular in Thailand. The architecture of the temples is also good. There is also a seven treasure Foshan built by gold powder. The whole mountain wall is a huge Buddha statue, which is very powerful and shocking.

10. Special products

Thailand has a lot of things that are good and really work. For example, cosmetics recently many people love to wear Thai Makeup: ELE series, snails spray, are very red, give people to get it. Latex pillows are also popular. They protect cervical vertebrae and prevent mites. Many of them are sold in China. People who are afraid of Shanzhai can take them in Thailand.

Thailand is also famous for its handicrafts, but don't buy Buddha statues too big to take out. In addition, Thailand's jewelry is very famous. There are many Ruby and sapphire in Thailand, and many styles are not expensive. There is also a famous snake medicine, which is usually sold in places where people go to see snake performances. People who are afraid of mosquitoes can also buy grass cream, which will work quickly after being bitten.