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The final result of ice breaking action: good uncle died, Ma Wen injured uncle Hui, and the final re

The hot broadcast of the TV play "ice breaking action" caused extensive attention and discussion from the audience, and the story also ushered in the final result on the night of May 30. This public security drama adapted from the real big case, the "1229 special action" of thunder and drug control, combines the real story with the drama creation very appropriately. The plot is breathtaking and at the same time, it enables the audience to deeply understand the severe challenges faced by China's anti drug work. However, after the end of the play is broadcast, it is controversial. What's the matter? Who died in the end of the play?

Maybe it's from the adaptation of the real story. The ending of the story is doomed to be imperfect. Uncle Liang died. Before he finally left, he couldn't hear Li Fei's "father";

Uncle Hui chose to kill his family, but his profound righteousness didn't get a good ending. In the quarrel, Lin Yaodong shot him dead in anger.

Ma Wen, born as a special police officer, was shot & hellip; & hellip; in order to protect Chen Ke and Li Fei in tazhai;

Caixiaoling also died. As the most miserable woman in the play, her death also made people's tears!

If Liang Shu's death and Ma Wen's injury are for the needs of the plot, they are so-called righteousness and tears, then the death of Hui Shu and Cai Xiaoling seems illogical.

They could not have died!

Cai Xiaoling, the wife of Lin Shengwu, the third room of Lin's family, was chased by both the police and Lin can because he watched and kept the '3 million' video taken by Lin Shengwen, his younger brother. During Lin Shengwu's escape, Cai Xiaoling was used as the basis to coerce Lin Shengwu. She was imprisoned at home and addicted to drugs. She was forced to take it back by Lin Yaodong immediately after she died of massive bleeding Lin Zonghui's disease.

Because Cai Xiaoling is a close friend of Chen Ke, Li Fei and Cai Yang were able to catch Lin Shengwen at first because Chen Ke inquired about CAI Xiaoling;

Later, I searched for Lin Shengwu, and Cai Xiaoling wrote a note to Chen Ke, regardless of her own safety, even though she was bleeding heavily and had just had an operation;

In the end, when the time comes, Chen Ke is the one who wants to see most! Of course, Chen Ke also shed a lot of tears for her.

No matter out of initiative or not, they have disclosed some information to Chen Ke, which can also be said to be one of the important informants.

Her death is also a continuation of the tragic life of Shengwu drug making and her own drug taking, making the audience full of tears.

However, throughout the whole plot, it seems that caixiaoling can not die.

First of all, Lin Yaodong's group wanted to imprison Cai Xiaoling because they wanted to coerce Shengwu, but later Shengwu was dead. Why did they keep him? Even the hospital does not allow to go, can only wait for death at home?

Is it just because Cai Xiaoling and Chen Ke have a good relationship? But if Sheng Wudu is dead and the evidence is believed to be correct by Lin can and others, what other useful information can Cai Xiaoling give to the police?

In addition, when Cai Xiaoling finally died, uncle Hui called Chen Ke. Chen Ke took an ambulance and asked Ma Wen to rush into the tazhai as a doctor. However, this is not logical. If it is normal, even if she knows her good friend is seriously ill, who can be sure that her time limit will come? Why should a serious doctor come to save people at this critical moment of life?

Maybe a high-energy doctor can bring you back? Even if the doctor doesn't take it, there's no one in 120.

So caixiaoling could not have died.

Gong Lei plays uncle Hui (Lin Zonghui), as the eldest of Sanfang, we can see that there are many followers. Without his rebellious real hammer, Lin can and others dare not go straight.

Although he finally realized and gave the important evidence to Li Fei, Lin Yaodong and others just doubted him, and didn't confirm it so quickly. If he didn't enter the ancestral hall, didn't meet Lin Yaodong face to face, and waited for the result in his own home, most of him might be saved from death.

In Lin Zonghui's heart, maybe as he said in the play, he gave the police list, which was "I'm sorry for the grandchildren, I'm sorry for the relatives", so he went to the ancestral hall to kowtow to the ancestors. But the actual situation is not like this, uncle Hui. As Cai Jun said, "there are no descendants. What else can we talk about? '

It's not Lin Zonghui who has no face to see his ancestors. Uncle Hui is doing a good job of curing the disease and saving people. The ancestors should thank him. In fact, it is Lin Yaodong and other people who are sorry for their grandchildren, relatives and shameless to see their ancestors. They are the ones who have brought the tazhai into the abyss of eternity and turned it into a cancer.

Unfortunately, uncle Hui didn't want to understand this at that time. He ran to the ancestral hall and died. His death hurt the hearts of many fans!

As for the death of Uncle Hui and Xiao Ling Cai, I believe that many people will have one of the biggest doubts: the police attach great importance to the witnesses in all kinds of films and TV dramas they have seen before. They will take the safety of the witnesses' lives into full consideration and send many people to take all kinds of protective measures.

For example, in the anti corruption storm, Gu Tianle vowed to protect the witness, and the witness is also the key to the success of the final case.

But in this play, it doesn't seem to show special attention to the life safety of the witness. When Cai Xiaoling died, the police only wanted to take this opportunity to send undercover Ma Wen to disguise as a doctor to get evidence, but didn't say to send a better doctor to treat the patient, or to find a way to rescue the witness from tazhai village.

At the same time, after uncle Hui gave such important evidence - the list, the police found that Lin Zonghui was taken away by Lin can and others, but did not show special attention to Lin Zonghui's personal safety.

Witnesses are not properly protected and good people are not well rewarded. Does this have a bad impact on the audience outside the screen? If we want to be good people, we must take the risk of the whole family losing their heads, but we can't get the proper protection. Who dares to do such a strong thing in the future?