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Where can I go for a summer vacation in Beijing? Recommended summer resort around Beijing

Now many people like to travel to Beijing, and the tourism industry in Beijing is also rising rapidly. Now it's the midsummer season, and it's time for summer vacation. Do you know any summer resorts in Beijing?

1. Jinhai Lake

Jinhai lake can see the magnificent scenery of the high gorge and Pinghu Lake. There are often magazines here to take pictures of the models. The lake scenery is very beautiful.

Fishermen's cage is very beautiful against the sun. Many fishermen here are specialized in fishing and fish farming. Such a wide and beautiful lake naturally needs water projects. Boats, cruises and water bikes are exciting.

Special recommendation: water motor, self driving speedboat, kayak

Surrounding scenic spots: Jingdong Grand Canyon, Jingdong karst cave, Lake Cave water, laoxiangfeng

Address: Jinhai Lake scenic area, Pinggu District

2. Old lake

Buluohu scenic spot is located in buluotun Town, Miyun County, which is the best bird watching scenic spot around Beijing. This area is characterized by typical wetland. The humid and moist climate makes it inhabited by a large number of birds.

Red breasted Merganser, Chinese merganser, three toed gull, grey backed Falcon (s ǔ n), swan and wild duck are often seen.

Special recommendation: Maifanshi health care

Surrounding scenic spots: Simatai Great Wall, Heilongtan, Yunxiu Valley International hunting ground address: Banchengzi village, Bulaotun Town, Miyun County

3. Guishui Lake

Xiaobian, I wonder if you have ever seen the narrow and wooded river course in Europe and America. This is the feeling here. There is a lot of rural flavor on the water of boating. Therefore, Guihe is called "Oriental Rhine River". Is it beautiful just by hearing its name?

Guihe river is such a soft feeling. The water flow is very gentle. Although there is no stimulation of big waves and steep slopes, it's cool to think of a boat going down the water, with dozens of miles of waterways and more than 100 bends.

Special recommendation: European sculpture

Surrounding scenic spots: Guihai Yuanhang, Xiadu Park

Address: 011 County Road, Xiguan, Yanqing, Yanqing

4. Baihe Canyon

The scenic spot is the shooting base of the movie let the bullets fly. It is the only natural rafting in Beijing at present. There are mountains, rivers, strange peaks and strange rocks. Because of the beautiful scenery, many helicopters come here for aerial photography.

The drifting section is 15km long, integrating the strange peaks, rocks, mountains and rivers. After rafting, I suggest you climb high and overlook the scenery. It's quite beautiful. You'd better take some photos with you!

Special recommendation: barbecue, camping, rafting

Surrounding scenic spots: Guishuihe, bailishan Gallery

Address: Jiuzhen, Yanqing County to LIULIMIAO, Huairou District

5. Hanshiqiao wetland

Hanshiqiao wetland is the only large reed swamp wetland in Beijing plain, with beautiful scenery! Beautiful scenery! If you go, you'd better go to the bird watching place on the high platform to see the birds.

Now it's the most vivid time for lotus to bloom. Take a camera to take photos of lotus and water birds, and leave more memories for yourself in autumn and winter.

Special recommendation of editor in chief: cruise ship, wild fishing in wetland, interesting bike, real person CS, video bird watching

Surrounding scenic spots: Shunyi International Flower Port, Shunyi Olympic Water Park

Address: Hanshiqiao Wetland Park, Shunyi District

6. Qinglong Gorge

Playing with water is essential to Qinglong gorge. Whether it's rafting, speedboat or rafting, you must play with water! And the entertainment facilities here are very perfect!

Like to stimulate can also play bungee jumping or cable car, walking on the top of Qinglong gorge dam around a few kilometers of scenery, is also very good-looking!

Special recommendation of Xiaobian: rafting and bungee jumping

Surrounding scenic spots: Yanqi lake, Simatai Great Wall

Address: guchangcheng pass, Huaibei Town, Huairou District

7. Daoxianghu

Daoxiang Lake is the first field Park in Beijing, which is funded by farmers and focuses on rural landscape. The lake is a natural water surface with a total area of more than 600 mu, in which many freshwater fish are often fished.

Of course, there are many recreational facilities here, such as racecourse, shooting range, etc. there are also many barbecues in the Shangzhuang reservoir nearby. It is definitely a good place to have fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Special recommendation: bird watching, shooting, electronic entertainment

Surrounding scenic spots: Shangzhuang reservoir, Shahe wetland

Address: daoxianghu Road, Haidian District

8. Shidu

Shidu rafting is Juma River rafting. Rafting is the soul of Shidu tourism. From Yesanpo to shibadu to Sandu, there are several places with narrow channel and fast current, which are used to build several drifting points.

In the Juma River Valley, you can drift along the water. You can have a water fight, you can row a raft, you can drift, etc.

Special recommendation: farmhouse meal, rafting, bungee jumping

Surrounding scenic spots: Changgou, Pingxi martyr cemetery

Address: Shidu Town, Fangshan District