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The countdown to June 1 has already opened what places are suitable for children's play in Liuzhou?

61 International Children's day has entered the countdown, I believe many children are beginning to cheer. This year's June 1st coincides with the weekend. Parents have more free time on weekends than on weekdays. At this time, many parents will want to know what's good about Liuzhou? Where can we make our children happy?

1. Museum Park Series

① Ticket of Liuzhou Industrial Museum: Free

Opening time: 9:00-16:30, closed on Monday

Address: South of the east side of Wenchang bridge, Yufeng District

National AAAA level scenic spot, Liuzhou Industrial Museum integrates industrial history exhibition, industrial heritage protection, scientific knowledge popularization, tourism and leisure, with theme pavilions such as industrial history museum, ecological livable Museum, etc. Liuzhou Industrial Museum has become the first urban integrated industrial museum in Guangxi and even in China.

Features: '24 hour book bar'

The "24-hour book bar" is an upgrade of two train carriages displayed outdoors in the north of the industrial museum. The carriages maintain the original appearance of the train and are equipped with electric circuit system and air conditioner. There are a lot of children's books in the book bar. I have been to the book bar once, which really feels unusual. However, the seats in the car are limited, so parents can avoid the rush hour travel.

② Ticket to Liuzhou Zoo: 20 yuan

Opening time: 8:00-17:00

Address: No.89 Hangyin Road

The national AAAA tourist attraction covers an area of 413.5 mu, about 5 kilometers from the downtown of Liuzhou. It is the only natural ecological theme park in Liuzhou city that integrates the artificial breeding, display and popular science education of wild animals. Warm reminder: the time of animal performance is fixed. Interested children should know the number and time of performance in advance.

2. Amusement Park Series

① Parks and playgrounds

② Happy world of kale planet & middot; Liuzhou 'Theme Park

Admission: 80-170 yuan

Opening time: 10:00-18:00

Address: No.9, Cuiling Road, Liudong New District (northwest side of yuanboyuan)

"Happy world of kale planet & middot; Liuzhou" theme park combines innovative entertainment projects with domestic advanced VR, AR and other high-tech technologies, introduces popular Internet cultural content, and creates novel interactive experience for tourists.

3. Outdoor activities

① Yaobu ancient town

Address: Dongdi South Road

Yaobu ancient town is adjacent to Liuzhou Industrial Museum, and can be interconnected through the underground passage. Yaobu ancient town not only has a food street, but also a line of river scenery. Here, you can not only feel the ancient 'Charm', but also see many shops with modern characteristics, which is one of the preferred places for home-based tourism photos. In the ancient town, if you are tired or hot, you can walk along the riverside path, or you can take the water bus to relieve the heat.

② Huanjiang waterfront Avenue

Address: it starts at the east end of Hedong Bridge in Liuzhou city and leads to Jinglan bridge along the West Bank of Liujiang River, with a total length of about 30 kilometers.

Since the whole line of Huanjiang waterfront Avenue has been connected, it is very popular with Liuzhou citizens. Every weekend or holiday, many families come here, and many cycling enthusiasts pass along. Huanjiang waterfront Avenue has become a new choice for Liuzhou citizens' entertainment and tourists from other places to visit Liuzhou. Warm reminder: there are many mosquitoes in this area. Parents need to provide their own mosquito repellent.

In addition to the outdoor activities mentioned above, there are also some indoor activities for children to choose from, because according to the editor, this week is the arrival of "Rain God". According to the latest weather forecast, on June 1, it will be moderate rain to light rain, 23-29 ℃, and indoor activities are not afraid of "Rain God"~

① From 23 yuan

Xiaobian learned from Liuzhou station of that there are six cartoons currently in release or about to be released, and several of them are premiered on June 1. For example, Duola a dream, which Xiaobian likes very much, premiered on June 1. The price of meituan is not expensive. Children who are interested can choose the nearest cinema to watch it.

② Price of children's photography group: from RMB 19.9

In recent years, with the rise of personal studios, many studios provide children's photography and baby photography. Compared with the traditional studio mode, they are more customized. What full moon, 100 sunshine and week's photos are the necessary items for Baoma. As a special festival for children, children's Day is a good choice to leave a beautiful image.

③ DIY experience group price: from RMB 19.9

DIY is also a popular trend in recent years. In Liuzhou Park and riverside, you can often see a booth that provides DIY painting. The mold is a kind of plaster doll or cartoon image. In the meituan, DIY has more choices, not only traditional painting, but also cake, pottery, jewelry, mug, etc., which can not only exercise hands-on ability, but also cultivate aesthetic ability, with one stroke Yes.

In fact, compared with gifts and playing, parents' company is what children want and like most. After all, working parents don't have so much time to accompany themselves. In fact, on this day, being able to be with their parents, even if it's just a simple meal together, is also the best memory.