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Can I book a seat on 12306? Can you make up for the loss of high-speed rail tickets?

In recent years, since the opening of the high-speed railway, it has been convenient for the young people who work outside, often travel or go to school, greatly reducing the time consumed by the journey. However, because the high-speed railway does not take a long time to pass, there are often some problems when using 12306 system to buy high-speed railway tickets, such as can 12306 high-speed railway choose seats? 12306 high-speed railway ticket lost Can you make up for the loss?

Can the 12306 high speed rail choose seats

With the development of science and technology, it is no longer necessary to wait in line at the station to buy tickets. Instead, tickets can be easily bought online through the online ticketing system. But now many small partners are very picky about the seat selection when they are sitting alone. Some don't like sitting in the middle, some want to sit in the middle, so 12306 online ticketing software is also available You can choose a seat function. When you buy tickets online, you can choose the seat you want to take if you have more tickets left. But if you don't have enough tickets left, you can't choose your ideal seat. However, this function does increase the ride experience of your friends. Sometimes you don't have to worry about the separation of tickets you buy with your friends 。

Can I make up for the lost tickets of 12306 high speed railway

If the ticket of high-speed railway is lost before entering the station, it can be made up. Only the ticket window designated by the counter of the station needs to report the loss first and then go through the formalities again. At this time, the original ID card number of the ticket, the name of the station (or app) where the ticket is purchased (or the ticket is taken), the date, train number and destination information must be provided. After the information provided is verified to be correct, it can be done Buy the ticket again according to the original ticket information. Their information is the same, except that the newly purchased ticket will have the word "report the loss and make up". After making up the ticket, you need to explain the ticket situation to the steward at the first time. After the steward confirms that the original ticket is not used, he can issue a record certificate for you as the evidence of refund.

The little knowledge about 12306 high speed railway is popular for the young partners. If you have any questions about this, please pay attention to other contents of the editor.