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What are the good mobile phones for taking photos at present? Is your cell phone pixel high?

We all know that the mobile phone update is always relatively fast. Many people will change their mobile phones once a year. Generally, when they buy a mobile phone, they only pay attention to two points. Just play games and take photos. Because more and more people like to take photos, whether it's selfie or other people, the camera pixels and settings are very important. Taking good photos has become the standard for everyone to choose one of. So, what are the good mobile phones for taking photos?

What are the mobile phones with good photos


Vivo X21 has a dual core camera with 24 million pixels in front and back, AI intelligent photography, and dual core focusing technology of SLR camera. The P3 color gamut camera is added to make the photos more vivid and vivid, restore the real color, and occupy the first place among the major camera phones.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro has 24 million front cameras and 40 million rear cameras. It has 4D predictive focusing technology and zero delay time shutter. It can make the image clear in fast motion scenes. It can realize 32 times slow motion shooting, with 5 kinds of studio lighting effects, making the photos full of artistic sense.

HUAWEI nova 3e

Huawei Nova 3E also has a front camera of 24 million pixels, while a rear camera of 16 million pixels. It has a four in one light fusion technology, which improves the image quality of night shot. In the case of chaotic light at night and insufficient light, the self shot is also clear and stylish. With LCD intelligent light compensation technology, it provides 11 color temperature light compensation schemes for you who love beauty.