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Where can I take photos in Xiamen? A list of the five most suitable resorts for taking photos in Xia

Nowadays, many people will choose to go out for travel. They must take photos when they go out for travel. At this time, many people will bring all kinds of photographic artifact when they go out for travel. Generally speaking, the purpose of travel is to enjoy the scenery of the journey, but also to record the scenery of the journey. So, do you know any suitable places for taking photos in Xiamen? Which places in Xiamen are the best for taking photos?

A good place to take photos in Xiamen

xiamen botanical garden

This place has recently been a bit popular and has become the "red" photo sanctuary. The most popular area is the meaty area and the rainforest. It can take a lot of blockbusters. The key to taking good pictures in the rainforest world is to catch up with the two times of the day's spray time. Taking pictures here is the best way to wear the white gauze skirt with immortality.


It's an hour's drive from Xiamen. It's very recommended to come to Xiamen to see the sea. There are few tourists here, and the beach is clean and the sand is fine. Of course, it's also a great place to take photos here. It's also the scene of the TV series "flowers all the way". When the sea is windy, you can lie on it and watch the sea.

Furong tunnel

Furong tunnel is one of the main scenic spots of Xiamen University. It can be said to be the most artistic tunnel in China, with the longest graffiti tunnel in China. These beautiful graffiti are described by Xiamen University. It attracts numerous literary and art youth and tourists to visit here.

Cat Street

If you are a 'cat slave', you will be very happy to come here. This street is not very long, and you can see the camera almost at a glance, but it is a very suitable place for taking photos. The whole street is full of cat elements. When you go to cat street, you can't help but go to the cat Museum. This is the first cat themed Museum in China. A dozen cats of different varieties live here. Lazy eyes and soft ears make people can't help but press the shutter.

Huaxin Road

There are many people here to take wedding dresses. It's a very small and fresh place. There are also some small and fresh movies here. The whole street looks a little bit like a Japanese street. It's very suitable to take some small and fresh photos here.

About which places in Xiamen are suitable for taking photos, Xiaobian just recommended a few places in his heart, but these places are really suitable for taking photos. Photos of various styles can be taken. Of course, if you want to look good, you should pay attention to the matching of clothes.