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Where is the best place to enjoy roses in Qingdao? These 8 places are not to be missed!

Now we can say that it's time for roses to bloom. I believe most people know that it's best to enjoy roses in Qingdao? So, do you know where to enjoy the rose in Qingdao? Rose flower is also called thorn flower. It has ten sisters, seven sisters, cattle thorn, wall flower, etc. Vine like shrub with spiny green stems. The flower type has size, and the petals can be divided into single petal and double petals. There are red, yellow, white, purple, pink and other colors. There are many varieties of rose, including the following:

Rosa farinacea: also known as hongbaoxiang, has vigorous plants and long twists and turns. The flowers and leaves are large, pink, semidouble and double.

According to the records of Jiashi shuoling, when Emperor Wu and Lijuan were enjoying flowers in the garden, the rose began to bloom, with a smile. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sighed and said: 'this flower is better than a beautiful woman's smile. 'Lijuan asked,' can I buy a smile? 'the emperor said:' yes. 'Lijuan then takes the gold 100 Jin as the money to buy smile, to make Emperor Wu happy in one day. "Buy smile flower" has become another name of rose since then.

Baituan Rose: also known as baibaoxiang and baiyutang. Its branches and leaves are like powdery rose. Its leaves are lighter in color, and its growth is not as good as powdery rose. Color white, double.

Ten sisters: seven sisters, with long branches, more than ten flowers in one inflorescence, double petals, pink and red.

There are many original species and wild populations of Rosaceae, which is generally called rose. Branches unfold, stand upright or climb, flowers bloom in clusters, flowers, some fragrant and some fragrant. The most fragrant is the wild single leaf rose, with strong fragrance. Therefore, the ancients also called it "wild guest". '

Qingdao area rose concentrated viewing place:

Shinan District:

Flowering: may 15-may 25

Viewing period: may 20-May 25

Viewing places: central isolation zone of Shandong Road, slope protection of Ningxia Road (near the district government), slope protection of Kaohsiung Road, Feixian Road (near the railway station), Badaguan

Shibei District:

Florescence: May 15 - June 10

Viewing period: May 20

Viewing place: central slab of Shandong Road, central slab of Liaoyang West Road

Best viewing spots: Yanji Road Anshan Road section, Liaoyang West Road (fuliaoqiao to Jinsong 5th Road)

Licang District:

Flowering: May 15 to May 28

Viewing period: may 18-may 25

Places to enjoy flowers: Greenland in the south of Qingshan Road (between wannianquan road and Junfeng Road), jiushui Road (Baolong normal school section), middle Chongqing Road (Zhenhua Road yanshougong section)

Laoshan District:

Flowering: may 15-may 30

Viewing period: May 20

Viewing place: Keda Branch Road, Laoshan District

Chengyang District:

Flowering: mid to late May

Viewing period: May 18

Viewing place: Chuncheng Road, Mingyang Road

Jimo District:

Flowering: late May to early June

Viewing period: May 20

Viewing place: Heshan Road


Florescence: May 15 - June 5

Flowering period: may 20-May 25

Viewing place: all the communities and units in the city are planted along the wall


Flowering: May 13 June 10

Viewing period: May 26

Viewing place: Yuehu Park, Tianjin Road

Best viewing spot: Yuehu Park

Tips for viewing: the above places are located in the city of Laixi, which is convenient for viewing.