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What month is international children's day? The history of children's Day

Three days are children's day. Besides the Spring Festival, I think children's expectation is children's day. Children's gifts will be received on children's day, and there will be activities to celebrate the day. Every year, June 1 is children's day, but what little friends know the origin of children's day? What is the origin of international children's day?

Today's "61 International Children's Day" was set up in connection with an incident during World War II called the "liditzer Massacre". On June 10, 1942, German fascists shot and killed more than 140 male citizens over the age of 16 and all their infants in the village of Lidice, Czech Republic, and took women and 90 children to the concentration camp. The houses and buildings in the village were burned down, so a good village was destroyed by German Fascism. In addition, after the end of World War II, the world economy was in a depression and people's living standards were very low, especially children, who died in batches due to diseases and other reasons, which was very tragic.

Therefore, in order to mourn the lidizi massacre and all the children who died in the war in the world and guarantee the rights of children, in November 1949, the International Federation of democratic women held a council meeting in Moscow and decided to take June 1 as the international children's day every year.

After watching the history of children's day, we found that children's Day is not a happy festival. Children's Day is a festival set up to protect children's rights of survival, health care, education and upbringing, improve children's lives, and oppose the killing and poisoning of children. At present, June 1 is a children's day in many countries in the world. Children's Day is not only a Chinese festival, but also an international one.