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What are the scenic spots around tengwangge? Beginning of interesting scenic spots around tengwangge

Tengwangge, Yueyanglou and Huanghelou are also known as the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River. They are located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. They are also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nanchang. However, the little friends who have come here may not be interested in this place any more, but begin to be interested in some scenery around it. What are the scenic spots near tengwangge?

What are the scenic spots near tengwangge

Nanchang August 1 Uprising Memorial Hall

Nanchang 81 Uprising Memorial Hall is a place worth visiting near Pavilion of Prince Teng, and also one of the tourist attractions that must be visited in Nanchang. It is located in the center of the old urban area, and now consists of two buildings: the new hall and the old hall. The old hall is the old site of Nanchang uprising headquarters, and the new hall is the exhibition building expanded in recent years. It is also one of the red spots that people must go to when they come to Nanchang. Through the large-scale multimedia exhibition in the museum to understand the history of Nanchang Uprising, it is still exciting after many years.

Jianxi Provincial Museum

Jiangxi Provincial Museum is not far from tengwangge. Because the museum itself is relatively small, the historical relics displayed are relatively rare, and it has a certain sense of age, so it looks a little old. It is located in Xinzhou surrounded by Ganjiang River and Fuhe River in Nanchang city. It is adjacent to Fuhe River in the East, Zhongshan Bridge in the South and Ganjiang River in the West. It has a beautiful environment, which combines history, nature and revolution The combination of the museum and the museum constitutes a large comprehensive museum, which is the first in China.

Nanchang star Ferris wheel

The Nanchang star Ferris wheel is one of the most romantic buildings in Nanchang. It is also one of the hottest landmarks in Nanchang. Even if it is far away, it can be seen at a glance. It extends from the autumn water square to the new world of Ganjiang River. This section embodies the essence of Jiangxi culture, and it is the choice of most tourists whether it is Buddhism culture, Taoism culture or Confucian culture. Tourist destination, the depth of its background makes a continuous stream of tourists. Superior geographical location, many people in this cool, which is the right time, land, people and, directly or indirectly, Ferris wheel provides an indispensable prerequisite.

Bayi Square

Bayi Square is one of the places worth visiting in Nanchang. Besides the place where the military flag is raised and the monument of heroes, it is also the central square of Nanchang, a famous historical and cultural city. It is located at the intersection of Bayi Avenue, Beijing West Road, Zhongshan Road, Ruzi road and other urban main streets, and it is also the center of Nanchang citizens' activities. The memorial tower of August 1 Uprising is a landmark building in the square.

About the scenic spots near the Tengwang Pavilion, I'll introduce them to my friends. If any of them like the Tengwang Pavilion and the surrounding scenery, I might as well come to Nanchang for a tour.