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What would you like to eat in Nara, Japan? These delicacies are not to be missed!

Japan is also a tourist country that many people like to go to. In recent years, many people have been traveling to Nara. Nara county is an integral part of Osaka metropolitan area, one of the three metropolitan areas in Japan. It is located in the center of jii Peninsula in Japan. It was called Dahe in ancient times. Inland county, one of the birthplaces of Japanese history and culture. So, what's good in Nara?

1. Baoshiziye Sushi

Nara famous property. The basic method is: put salmon slices and salted bluefish on the rice dressing with vinegar, and then wrap them with green persimmon leaves. It looks very attractive.

2. Nara stain

Nara pickle is made by soaking white gourd, cucurbit and ginger with Nara distiller's grains.

3. Cauldron rice

Cauldron rice is a kind of Japanese cuisine, which is made by putting raw rice, vegetables, high soup and meat or seafood in a small pot and firing directly. The characteristic is that the taste of ingredients is integrated into each rice. Cauldron rice is very popular in Nara.

4. Tea porridge

The way is to cook the rice, water and tea together. It tastes delicious and tastes smooth.

5. Pueraria powder

It can be cooked together with tofu and rice cake. It's similar to jelly in shape. It's slippery from eating to mouth.

6. Flying bird hot pot

Local cuisine in Nara county. The soup is made of kelp and chicken. Some milk and soymilk are added to the soup, and then some chicken and vegetables are added to cook it. It is very nutritious.