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Is tengwangge fun? How can tengwangge buy the cheapest ticket?

Tengwangge is one of the four famous buildings in China, and it also has the reputation of three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River. A preface to tengwangge by Wang Bo in that year impressed us deeply. Now many people would like to know about tengwangge. At this time, people would like to know what's interesting about tengwangge? I don't know how much is the ticket to tengwangge?

What's interesting about Tengwang Pavilion

In fact, many young people come to tengwangge to see a kind of feelings. It's reminiscence of their students' time. Seeing it, they seem to see themselves learning this article in the classroom. But most of the tourists here are middle-aged and old people. They like the historical and cultural atmosphere of tengwangge. At the same time, we can learn about the destruction of tengwangge for many times When you walk into the Tengwang Pavilion, you will feel a sense of entering the palace and the official residence. A sense of ancient luxury comes to your face. According to Xiaobian, the most amazing thing in Tengwang Pavilion is the restoration picture of Wang Bo's preface to Tengwang Pavilion. Then you can visit and enjoy the famous costumes and longevity culture, and stand in Tengwang Pavilion It is also a good choice to overlook the surrounding scenery on the observation platform, so that you can have a panoramic view of the Tengwang Pavilion both inside and outside. Do you want tickets to tengwangge? How much is the ticket to Tengwang pavilion?

How much is the ticket to Tengwang Pavilion

In fact, the ticket price of tengwangge is not expensive. The adult price is about 50 yuan. At present, the selling price on the Internet is 45 yuan a day. If you have a student card or other certificates, you can enjoy half price discount. But if you are afraid that you can't buy tickets on the same day, you can choose to pre purchase one day in advance. The pre purchase will end at 23:00 p.m. at the latest, and the pre purchase price is more expensive than that on the same day 5 yuan, so if it's not the peak period of tourism, it's not recommended to pre order in advance. Of course, it doesn't care how the 5 yuan small partners can do. Pay special attention to that, as long as the order is paid in the scenic area, ticket refund is not supported. If you have to refund the ticket, you can choose to sell it to other small partners to visit.

The above are some questions about the scenic spot of tengwangge answered by Xiaobian for my friends. I think tengwangge is still very worth visiting. I remember to stagger the peak tourist period for my friends who have this plan.