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Have you seen the white giant panda? The world's first white giant panda appears in Chengdu

According to Sichuan Weibo news, today (May 25), Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration released the world's first white giant panda photo. A field infrared trigger camera with an altitude of about 2000 meters in the Reserve took a picture of the giant panda in the middle of April. What does a giant panda look like without black circles?

Today, we have the answer -- the picture clearly shows the unique morphological characteristics of the Panda: white hair, white claws, red eyes, passing through the lush and primitive deciduous broad-leaved forest. According to expert analysis, according to these external features in the photos, it can be judged that the panda is a albino individual. Judging from the size, this is a sub adult or young panda, about 1-2 years old.