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Where is the best place to visit Macao? Recommended tourist attractions in Macao

Macao is also a city suitable for tourism, mainly because there are many attractions worth playing in Macao. If you read this introduction and want to visit Macao, you will not be confused. These scenic spots are worth visiting in Macao. If you want to visit Macao, you must punch in these scenic spots.

1、 Venetian Casino

Macao Venetian Casino is the largest casino in the world. It is located on the first floor of Venetian Resort Hotel, covering an area of 550000 square feet. It is divided into four theme areas, namely 'Imperial Palace', 'Red Dragon Palace', 'Phoenix Palace' and 'golden scale Palace'. There are about 870 gambling tables, baijiale, blackjack, roulette and other gambling games, and more than 3400 slot machines. The bottom of the casino is so high that you can feel 'boundless' or' vast 'in it. It is worth mentioning that there are two spiral escalators in the entertainment area, which are the only two in Australia.


Bus - take bus No. 25, 25X, 26a, 35, MT1, MT2 and MT3 to get off at the connecting road / Wande Notre Dame Road station;

Free shuttle bus -- free shuttle bus between major Casinos

2、 Dashanba archway

It has a history of more than 350 years and is one of the most familiar signs in Macao. The archway of the great three buses is located in the inclined lane of the great three buses in Macao. It is the vestige of the front wall of St. Paul's church. On the right is the big fort and Macao Museum. It was listed in the world heritage list in July 2005. In addition to the magnificent front wall, you should pay attention to the delicate floating and withering on the archway (front wall) and its meaning when you visit the archway. Every visitor to Macao will take photos for souvenirs.


1. Take No. 10, 10a, 11, 21a, 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8a, 26a, 33 to Xinma Road, then walk to the meeting Pavilion and walk to it.

2. Take bus No. 17, 18, 8a and 26 to get off at pigeon nest terminal and go along shizai road.

3、 Macao tourism tower exhibition and entertainment center

Macao Tower, located in No.1 area D of Nanwan new reclamation area, covers an area of 13363 square meters. It is a famous large-scale tourist facility in Macao Special Administrative Region and a new landmark building in Macao. After three years of construction, the tower was completed and opened on December 19, 2001, and officially received tourists. Macao sightseeing tower is one of the top ten sightseeing towers in the world, integrating sightseeing, conference and entertainment. As the eighth tallest tower in the world, it is also the highest sightseeing steel tower in Southeast Asia that surpasses the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Public transportation - take bus No. 18, 21, 23, 9a, 32 to get there; the exhibition and entertainment center is 5 minutes' drive from the new Hong Kong and Macao terminal of Macao, and 15 minutes' drive from Zhuhai Gongbei pass and Macao International Airport.

4、 Longhuan puyun residential Museum

Longhuan Portuguese rhyme residential Museum (longhuan Portuguese rhyme for short) is a tourist attraction in Macao Special Administrative Region. The whole scenic spot is located in Taipa Island, with five Portuguese houses on the seaside road as the main museum. Longhuan puyun residential museum was officially opened to the public on December 5, 1999. The five Portuguese style houses are: home of native Portuguese, home of island, home of Portuguese region, exhibition hall and welcome hotel. Now, this residential museum is an important cultural relic and cultural heritage in Macao, and also one of the most representative scenic spots in Macao.


You can take bus 11, 22, 28a, 30, 33, 34 to get there.

5、 Heisha Beach

Heisha beach is located on the island around the outlying Island Road in Macao. It is a natural beach and a famous natural bathing beach in Macao. The bay is a half moon shape with gentle slope and broad beach surface. There is a lush pine forest nearby, and there is a wide parking lot, bus station and all kinds of snack shops nearby. There is Heisha park near the beach entrance.


Bus No. 15, 21a, 25, 26a, 26 to No. 6, St. Joseph's Monastery and sanctuary

The front of Saint Joseph's Monastery and sanctuary adopts a false marble altar, which is equipped with an old and artistic confession Pavilion. On the high tower on the right side of the sanctuary, there are one bronze bell and one bronze bell. It has a history of nearly 200 years.


You can choose to take bus 9, 16, 18, 28b to fengshuntang Street (due to the restriction of one-way line, bus 9 only stops in the up direction, and bus 16, 18 and 28b only stops in the down direction), and walk from sanbazi cross street to Shengtang.

7、 Saint laolengzuo Church (Fengshun Church)

San laolengzuo church is located in Fengshun Church Street, also known as "Fengshun church". It means to pray for "good weather". It is a famous cathedral in Macao, covering a wide area. Fengshun hall was founded in 1560, during which it was rebuilt several times. In the era of sailing driven by wind, it is very dangerous to sail in the ocean. In the past, the Portuguese went to sea according to the wind. Therefore, when a boat leaves the port, the boat people come to Fengshun hall to pray for the wind. The church is adjacent to South Bay and West Bay, which is the hot spot of clapping. Lovers stroll along the sea breeze, which is the most romantic.


Bus - take bus No.9, No.16, no.28b and No.18 to get off at the government station of Macao Special Administrative Region and walk there.

8、 Dongwangyang fort and lighthouse

Dongwangyang fort is located at the top of Dongwangyang mountain (Songshan), the highest point of Macao Peninsula. It was built between 1637 and 1638, with sentry, powder magazine, tower and other buildings.

Dongwangyang fort was originally used to defend against foreign invasion and as an observation station. It has always been listed as a military restricted area. Without permission, outsiders are not allowed to enter without permission. It is only open to the public on August 5 and the ninth Double Ninth Festival of the ninth lunar month. In 1976, when Portuguese troops withdrew from Macao, the fort was opened as a tourist attraction and remains intact. On the turret are the Church of Notre Dame and the Oriental lighthouse.


1. Public transportation - public transportation 2, 6, 9, 9a, 12, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 28c, 32 can reach;

2. Others - to get to the top of the mountain, passengers can not only take a taxi directly, but also take a cable car from erlonghou park at the foot of the mountain to get to the top of the mountain, and then follow the steps.

9、 Yapojing front ground

Yapojing is only 10 minutes away from Mazu Pavilion. You need to walk to the end of the inclined lane. The Portuguese meaning of yapojing is "Lilau". This place used to be the main water source of Macao and close to the inner port. People lived in the well and the early Portuguese lived here. Therefore, it is one of the oldest residential areas and one of the world cultural heritage sites in Macao. It's said that a mother-in-law built a pool here in the Ming Dynasty to store the mountain spring for the residents to drink, so the pool was called yapojing. The old Portuguese people in Macao have a ballad that they can't forget Macao after drinking the water of yapojing; they can either start a family in Macao or never come back. Two hundred year old banyan trees in front of yapojing have also been preserved, classical street lamps have been added, and the stone pavement has been paved with marble.


Bus - take bus No. 18, 28b, get off at yapojing station, and walk to it.