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How many 5A scenic spots are there in Guilin? What are the most interesting 5A scenic spots in Guili

When it comes to Guilin, you should not feel strange! After all, the landscape of Guilin is well-known in the world. Since ancient times, it has been known as the best landscape in the world. When you go on a boat tour or walk around two rivers and four lakes, you will be shocked. This is also the reason why many people come to Guilin for tourism every year. So, do you know what 5A scenic spots there are in Guilin? What are the characteristics of these scenic spots?

1. Lijiang scenic area, Guilin, AAAAA (5a), May 8, 2007

Lijiang scenic spot in Guilin: National AAAAA level scenic spot, national key scenic spot, is the largest and most beautiful karst scenic spot in the world. "The river is the green belt, and the mountain is like a jade hairpin". The landscape represented by Lijiang River scenery and karst cave is known as the "four wonders" of mountain green, water show, grotto and stone beauty. From Guilin to Yangshuo, the 83 km Lijiang River, also known as the Li River Essence Tour, and the "deep pool, dangerous beach, flowing spring, and waterfall", are the typical, rich and concentrated terrain of the karst terrain, which concentrates the essence of Guilin Scenery, which makes people feel that the boat is swimming in the water and people are swimming in the middle of the painting.

2. Guilin le man Di Leisure world, AAAAA (5a), May 8, 2007

Guilin Lemandi Leisure world is located in Xing'an Linghu scenic area, 3 kilometers away from the county seat. It covers an area of 3.96 million square meters. It is the largest tourism and leisure project invested by Taiwan Yuanda securities group. The ultimate goal is to build the largest Leisure world theme park and the first Disney theme park in China. There are such special scenic spots as the great western part of the United States, China City, dream world, pirate village, South Pacific region and port water recreation area. Guilin le man Di Leisure world has become a large-scale tourism base integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation and entertainment.

3. Guilin duxiufeng Wangcheng scenic spot, AAAAA (5a), November 6, 2012

Duxiu Peak & middot; Wangcheng scenic spot, a national AAAAA level scenic spot, covers an area of 20 square kilometers. It is located on the Bank of Lijiang River in Guilin. It is a scenic spot represented by the beautiful Duxiu Peak in the shape of mountains and the Jingjiang palace in the whole Ming Dynasty. The natural landscape and historical and cultural landscape in the scenic spot are mutually reflected, which has been known as "city in the city" since ancient times.

4. Xiangshan scenic spot, two rivers and four lakes in Guilin, AAAAA (5a), February 25, 2017

Under the guidance of Guilin Tourism Development Corporation and Guilin Tourism Co., Ltd., the two rivers and four lakes scenic spot and Xiangshan scenic spot were successfully established as 5A level scenic spots in 2017. Two rivers and four lakes refer to the water system around Guilin, which is composed of Ronghu, Shanhu, Guihu, Mulong lake, Lijiang and Taohuajiang. The water routes of the two rivers and four lakes connect to form the most beautiful scenic belt around the city center of Guilin. Xiangbi mountain, the main landscape in Xiangshan scenic spot, is named for its resemblance to an elephant. Xiangbi mountain is located at the confluence of Lijiang River and Taohuajiang River in Guilin city. Because of its unique mountain shape and long history, it was named the city emblem of Guilin City in 1995.