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What's the best way to shop in Macao? Recommended places for shopping in Macao

People who like cosmetics all know that Macao is a relatively suitable place for shopping, so the most unforgettable event in Macao is shopping. At this time, many people will want to know what is the most cost-effective shopping in Macao, where is the best shopping place in Macao, just go to Macao and identify these places.

Which place in Macao is cheaper to shop

Grand Canal Shoppes

Grand Canal shopping center is a large indoor shopping center in Macao, located on the second floor of Venetian Resort Hotel. It is also the first stop for many people to shop in Macao. In fact, the Grand Canal shopping center itself is a tourist card of Macao. As the largest indoor shopping center in Macao, there are more than 350 stores here. Simply put, you can buy everything you want to buy in Macao.

Four seasons famous store

This is the first luxury shopping center in Macao. All kinds of big brands are absolutely the most complete here. The point is that there are not many people and the environment is very comfortable. It is said that the cosmetics here are still cheap, and some gifts will be given. If you feel that you have a lot of flowers when you go shopping, but you can't get started with a variety of famous brand handbags, you can ask a private shopper for personal guidance and advice on mop 1000 every hour.

New road

Xinma road is a relatively prosperous business district in Macao, with many tourists and many locals. Shopping here is also relatively complete, with gold and silver jewelry, cosmetics, but also a variety of Macao characteristics of seafood dry goods. When buying cosmetics, Sasa and Zhuoyue can see it here, but many people come here directly to the gold shop. There are many gold shops in Xinma Road, and because of tax exemption and other reasons, the price of gold here is cheaper than that in mainland China, which is more cost-effective.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is a shopping center modeled on European and American fisherman's Wharf invested by gambling king. The buildings are very distinctive and have a strong European style. Because there are few tourists and the scenery is very good, you can take photos before buying. Fisherman's Wharf stores also have brands of all grades, but compared with the shopping center prices of star hotels, they are relatively cheaper, and many stores will have discounts.

If you want to buy something in Macao, you can go to these famous shopping places to have a look. It will definitely help you to find a lot of good goods. Then this is the best place to shop in Macao.