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What can I do for a tour to Okinawa, Japan? Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa, Japan is a popular tourist destination for a small number of people. This place is called Hawaii in Japan. The island scenery here is also very charming. Besides the charming scenery, you can bring some products back here. So, what do you know about Okinawa in Japan?

What can I buy in Okinawa, Japan

Island salt

If you want to send some hand gifts to your friends, please send a bag of Okinawa sea salt. It's a special hand gift. It's recommended to go to the salt house to buy it. Their sea salt is extracted at room temperature, so that the mineral composition in the sea water is preserved, which also makes Okinawa sea salt one of the salt with the most mineral content in the world. At the same time, salt house also has the most professional salt waiter in Japan, who can choose the most suitable sea salt for consumers according to their needs or physical conditions.

Ryukyu glass products

Ryukyu glass is a very famous traditional Okinawa handicraft. It originated from the colored glassware made of American water bottles and beer bottles after the Second World War. The color of Ryukyu glass is mainly red, blue, green and other colors, creating a variety of colorful glass products, which are more crystal clear under the light. If you like it, don't forget to buy some exquisite and tasteful Ryukyu glass products to take home. It's also a very good choice as a companion gift.

Ryukyu lion

This kind of Ryukyu lion is also very good as a companion hand to present friends, and the pendant of this kind of Ryukyu lion is really everywhere in Okinawa. These small lions with charming shapes not only look cute, but also have a very good meaning. The price won't be too expensive, just a few hundred yen. If you want to have a unique lion, you can also join the DIY shop and add color to the clay lion according to your preference.

The friends who go to Tengchong travel must be thinking about bringing some hand gifts home. The above editor introduces some things that must be bought in Okinawa, Japan. These three are all good choices. Of course, you can also have a look at cosmetics and skin care products. After all, Japan's skin care products are very famous.