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Where can I take my children on June 1? Wuhan is a good place!

June 1 children's Day is coming soon. Do you want to take your child to play? 61 can be said to be a happy festival for children to look forward to, and a good time for parents and children to travel and promote their feelings! Where do you take your children to play?

Recommendation 1: 'Haichang polar ocean world, Wuhan'

Reasons for recommendation:

Wuhan Haichang polar ocean world is a happy paradise for children. There are their favorite marine animals and beautiful ocean scenes here. It's good for children to learn ocean knowledge and develop their imagination! What marine animals are there? There are penguins, plush polar bears, Arctic wolves, seals, walruses, sea lions, seals and other polar animals. Among them, there are six kinds of penguins: Emperor penguin, king penguin, white brow penguin, Adelie penguin, jumping rock penguin and hatband penguin. Wuhan tourist attractions must go!

Recommendation 2: 'Happy Valley of Wuhan'

Reasons for recommendation:

Wuhan Happy Valley has been to the small partners know that here is super fun, super many projects, Hubei Tourism Network for your key recommendation! Parents can bring their children here to play! Wuhan Happy Valley covers an area of 350000 square meters. It is composed of eight theme areas, i.e. dream Avenue, cartoon factory, happy time, fast world, Yuguang Island, yuluo paradise, hurricane Bay and happy river city. It has set up more than 100 entertainment experience projects, including more than 30 entertainment experience equipment, more than 40 ecological and cultural landscapes, more than 10 cultural performance boutiques and more than 20 theme entertainment games, Wonderful interpretation of multiple joys. It's a large-scale cultural tourist attraction of complex, ecological and innovative type built by Wuhan city. It's super suitable for June 1st!

Recommendation 3: 'Wuhan tadpole water park'

Reasons for recommendation:

Wuhan is a place suitable for children to play. It has to be said that this is Wuhan tadpole water park. It's a place to play water. When summer comes, which children don't like playing with water? Children in this place will like it. Tadpole children's indoor water park has a constant temperature of 28 & deg;. The main design of the park is pirate ship, Integrating all kinds of game props, such as drifting River, bucket, water slide, shark slide, water gun, etc., the one-stop style meets the baby's love for playing with water.

Recommendation 4: 'Wuhan Science and Technology Museum'

Wuhan Science and Technology Museum

It is suggested that you bring your children to visit here, which is not only of educational significance but also of great value. The exhibition hall of Wuhan Science and Technology Museum is divided into the exhibition hall of universe, life and water, the exhibition hall of light, information and transportation, the exhibition hall of mathematics and children, and the outdoor exhibition area of "ship world" jointly built by relevant units. The number of exhibits is more than 600. It is a large-scale science popularization education activity place with multi-functional, comprehensive and intelligent functions.