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How to play the three-day tour of Xi'an on Dragon Boat Festival? The best route of three-day tour in

During the Dragon Boat Festival, if you want to go to some cool places, you should go to the north. The temperature in the north is not very high, fresh and comfortable at this time. Xi'an is a good choice. You can not only experience the historical charm of the ancient capital, but also taste various local specialties. So, how to play the three-day tour of Xi'an on Dragon Boat Festival? What's better to eat in Xi'an?

The best plan for the three-day tour of Xi'an in Dragon Boat Festival

3-day classic route:

D1 Xicang (1-2 hours) & rarr; Huimin Street (1-3 hours) & rarr; Gaojia courtyard (1-2 hours) & rarr; Zhonggulou square (1-3 hours)

D2 Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors (1-3 hours) & rarr; Changhengge (1-3 hours) & rarr; Shuncheng Lane (1-3 hours)

D3 Yu Youren Calligraphy Art Museum (1-3 hours) & rarr; Academy gate (1-2 hours) & rarr; Xi'an Beilin Museum (1-2 hours) & rarr; Sanyuan laohuangjia (Wenyi Road store) (1-2 hours)


Day1: Shaanxi History Museum - Dayan Pagoda - music fountain in the north square of Dayan Pagoda - qujiangchi Heritage Park - the night city of Tang Dynasty

Day2: Zhonggulou - ancient city wall of Xi'an - yongxingfang - Daming Palace - Huimin Street

Day3: terracotta warriors - Huaqing Palace - Lishan Mountain

Routes in and around the city:

D1 Maoling & rarr; Qianling & rarr; Famen Temple

D2 Huaqing Palace & rarr; Museum of terracotta warriors and horses of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty

D3 Daming Palace National Heritage Park & rarr; North Square of DaYanTa & rarr; Zhonggulou Square & rarr; Huimin Street

About the confusion of foreign tourists to Xi'an:

Where to eat delicious food in Xi'an?

Xi'an cuisine

1. Huimin Street

Huimin street, as it is widely known, is indeed a good place to find Xi'an cuisine. Here you can eat almost all Xi'an snacks, including: all kinds of kebabs, lamb paomo, Guantang baozi, spicy lamb hoof, mutton in water basin, fried rice with pickled vegetables, etc. There are also many well-known stores recognized by local people, such as Jia Sanguan soup bag, Southeast Asia steamer cake, Jia Yongxin beef and mutton, laohuajia beef and mutton, etc.

2. Yongxingfang

Yongxingfang is a hot food gathering place in recent years. It is not as famous as Huimin street and has fewer people than Huimin street. Yongxingfang has delicious food from all parts of Shaanxi Province, including special snacks in Yulin, Yan'an, Baoji, Xianyang, Hanzhong, Ankang, etc.