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What's the Dragon Boat Festival this year? Is Dragon Boat Festival express free?

It's late may now. It's Dragon Boat Festival soon. Do you know how many days the Dragon Boat Festival will be off this year? What are your arrangements for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday? Do you want to have a self driving tour? After all, with these three-day holidays, many people have time to go out for tourism. At this time, people are more concerned about the issue. What is the specific time of Dragon Boat Festival holiday? Is Dragon Boat Festival express free?

How many days can I play on Dragon Boat Festival at most?

Many people may have known about the holiday arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2019. June 7 is Friday of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a three-day holiday with weekends. The specific holiday dates are June 7 to June 9, 2019, June 3 (Monday) to June 6, 2019 (Thursday) for four days, which can be combined with nine days of small and Long Dragon Boat Festival holidays. Is Dragon Boat Festival express free? A list of freeway free time in China

Is Dragon Boat Festival express free?

It should be noted by self driving friends that the Dragon Boat Festival expressway is not free, and the Dragon Boat Festival is not within the scope of high-speed free passage stipulated by the state, so the friends who go on the expressway need to pay the toll. According to the analysis of the railway department, due to the influence of high-speed non free, the passenger flow of the small and long holiday railway will be more concentrated. During the year, the expressway is in the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, may day and national day The bus with seven seats or less is free for four holidays!

The friends who choose to travel by car during the Dragon Boat Festival must pay attention to the fact that the high-speed is not free. This must be understood clearly. Because the high-speed is not free, many people may choose public transport to travel, so the friends who plan to travel must purchase tickets in advance.