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What are the types of tourist visas in Malaysia? How much does it cost to apply for a tourist visa i

Malaysia is also a more suitable place for tourism. Where there are pure beaches, strange islands, primitive rainforests and modern cities, it has become a unique culture of Malaysia. Malaysia is also a garden country in Southeast Asia that guards the Malacca Strait. So, do you need a visa to go to Malaysia? How much is the visa fee for Malaysia? How to get the best deal?

Malaysia tourist visa type:

First: Sticker visa

Applicable crowd: tourists who want to keep a visa as a souvenir

Single stay time: within 30 days

Validity: 3 months

Check out time: 3-5 working days

Visa fee (unit: RMB): about 220 yuan

Handling method: it needs to be handled through travel agencies and relevant institutions

Materials required:

Original passport: valid for more than 9 months, with at least 4 blank pages

White background photo: 3.5cmx4.5cm white background bareheaded photo 2 Malaysia e-visa how to deal with? How long does it take to apply for an e-visa?

Second: electronic visa

Malaysia's e-visa is very special. It can be divided into two types: eVisa and entri. The main differences are shown in the following table:

E-visa (eVisa): 1. Single stay time: 30 days; 2. Entry port restrictions: no restrictions; 3. Cost: 200 yuan

Entry certificate letter: 1. Single stay time: 15 days; 2. Entry port restrictions: only through 6 specified ports; 3. Fee: 160 yuan

Suitable for people: tourists with tight time

Check out time: 1-3 working days

Materials required: Passport scanning page, electronic photo, round-trip ticket itinerary

Special notes on the entry visa: what are the precautions for Malaysia's tourist visa? Which airport can I use for Malaysia entry certificate letter?

Malaysia tourist visa matters

1. Entry certificate holders must hold a non-stop flight from Chinese mainland to Malaysia or Singapore, leaving only tickets for Chinese mainland, Singapore or Thailand. No direct flight or transfer from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, or failure to comply with this regulation may result in a refusal to enter Malaysia.

2. Applicants holding this entry certificate are allowed to enter and exit through the following Malaysian airports:

Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur International Airport, terminal 2 of Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Penang - Liubai Airport

Johor Sinai International Airport

Kedah rankawi International Airport

Sabah Kota kinabanu International Airport

Sarawak Kuching International Airport

Malacca - Batu bolendan Airport

Federal Territory - Labuan Airport

In addition, ports of entry by land are:

Sudan Iskandar, Johor

Abu bakardan, Johor

3. When entering the country, please bring the letter of entry certificate, equivalent currency of no less than $50 per day, savings card / credit card with UnionPay logo, round-trip air ticket and advance order of the whole hotel