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Where is the best place to travel in Heilongjiang? Top ten tourist attractions in Heilongjiang

Heilongjiang Province is the sixth largest province in China, and also the hometown of ice and snow. In this picture, only swan is guarding the easternmost and northernmost border of China. Heilongjiang Province is named after Heilongjiang, the third largest river in China. Most of the land in the province is located in the Heilongjiang River Basin, so Heilongjiang is also a place suitable for summer vacation. So, do you know what must be played in Heilongjiang?

Top ten scenic spots in Heilongjiang

1. Xuexiang

Xuexiang is also called Shuangfeng forest farm. It has good snow quality and high viscosity. In winter, you can see all kinds of snow pile shapes, including the famous "snow mushroom". In Xuexiang, you can ski, play snow circles, or get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise on snowmobiles. You can also go hiking over the mountain of Leymus chinensis to feel the charm of the forest, sea and snow plain.

2. Arctic Village

Arctic village is located in the northern foot of Daxinganling Mountains, across the border river between China and Russia Heilongjiang and Russia. It is the northernmost village in China's geographical location, with latitude as high as 53 & deg; 33 & prime; 30 & prime;. Now the Arctic village has been developed into a large-scale scenic spot. The most interesting thing to come here is to find all kinds of 'North'. You can look for the northernmost people, the northernmost outpost, the northernmost post office and other unique geographical signs of China, and take photos with them.

3. Jingpo Lake

Jingbo lake is a famous summer resort, located in Ning'an city under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang, about two hours' drive from Mudanjiang. It is the largest mountain barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world due to the volcanic eruption ten thousand years ago. It is said that a long time ago, there lived a beautiful and kind-hearted red Luo girl by the Mudanjiang River. She has a mirror. Where people have suffering, she can eliminate disaster and eliminate disaster as long as she uses a mirror. This incident spread to the heaven and caused the jealousy of the queen mother. She sent the God of heaven to steal the mirror. The red Luo female goes up to the heaven to ask for, has had the dispute, the precious mirror fell from the sky, has become the mirror lake.

4. The Church of St. Sophia

Saint Sophia Cathedral is located in Sophia Square, Daoli District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China. It is a Byzantine orthodox church built in 1907, which is a landmark building in Harbin. In 1986, Harbin Municipal People's government listed it as a class I protected building; in 1996, it was approved by the State Council and listed as the fourth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. The interior of St. Sophia's church is now used as the 'Harbin Museum of architecture and art'.

5. Beihong Village

Beihong village is located in Mohe County, Heilongjiang Province, China. It is known as the northernmost primitive village in China. Located at 53 ° 33 north latitude and 123 ° 17 east longitude, it is further north than the so-called "Arctic village" (53 ° 29 north latitude and 122 ° 21 east longitude).

6. Wusuli shoal

Wusuli shoal has nothing to do with Wusuli River and Wusuli boat song. This is a natural scenic spot located on the Bank of Heilongjiang. It was named "Wusuli shoal" because there was Karen (equivalent to border guard post) in Qing Dynasty. Wusuli shoal is located in the construction area of Tuqiang Forestry Bureau in Daxinganling. Many donkeys are used to calling this the northernmost point in China.

7. Nine bends and eighteen bends

The 485 km desert highway is hovering on the hillside. If you stop there, you will be immediately enlightened. Looking up, there are dense pines on the mountain, layers of them, dark green like ink, ups and downs like surging wind and clouds, and waves of pines like thousands of horses. 485km Jiamo highway, this section is hovering on the hillside, if you stop in the middle, the feeling of being aloof immediately makes your eyes bright. Looking up, there are dense pines on the mountain, layers of them, dark green like ink, ups and downs like surging wind and clouds, and waves of pines like thousands of horses.

8. Songyuan primeval forest park

Songyuan primeval forest park is located in District 16 of Mohe County. When the county was first built in 1971, a piece of primeval forest was reserved in the center of the county for tourists to watch and purify the atmosphere of the city. It was built as Songyuan Park in 1983. The park is 282 meters long from the east to the West and 182 meters wide from the south to the north. The total volume of forest in the park is 400 cubic meters, and the main tree species are larch forest. The Rhododendron in Xing'an, commonly known as dazixiang, is also known as manshanhong and YINGSHANHONG. This kind of plant only grows in the high latitude and cold polar area. It blooms in May every spring. When it comes to flowering, the park becomes a sea of flowers. The green trees and saffron flowers are fragrant and beautiful.

9. Russian style town

The Russian style town is a tourist and leisure town with strong Russian style. The special services it can provide and the 'outbound enjoyment' experienced by Chinese and foreign guests in the town are unique. Located in the core area of beautiful sun island, close to the scenic line, the town echoes the central street and Stalin Park. It covers an area of more than 100000 square meters. 10 minutes by boat and 20 minutes by car.

10. Tangwanghe Stone Forest

Located in Tangwanghe District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, Tangwanghe National Park is the first approved national park in China. The scenic area is divided into six areas, namely, the first line sky landscape area, the botanical garden landscape area, the forest sea Guanyin landscape area, the valley exploration landscape area, the wind disaster ruins landscape area and the Korean pine original landscape area. From the granite stone forest in the Indosinian period to the rare Korean pine virgin forest in the Tertiary period, from the remains of wind disaster and fire to the blueberry garden in DUS, there are incomparable beautiful scenery and natural wonders.

Heilongjiang is a place that people yearn for. The special geographical location here always allows us to see many different landscapes. Don't wait for a long time. Let's watch Xiaobian's travel strategy, one by one!