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How many days is it suitable to walk freely in Nagoya? Nagoya must see

In recent years, Chinese people prefer to travel abroad. As Japan, which is close to our country, has become the first choice for many people, while Nagoya is a tourist destination for a small number of Japanese people. It has a strong historical flavor. Nagoya is not only an ancient capital with a long history, but also a modern building unique in many cities. It's good to come here freely. So, Nagoya How many days is the house free? How to play best when you are free?

Nagoya free travel for a few days

If you don't want to visit Nagoya in depth, it's enough time in a day. Because the attractions of Nagoya are very concentrated, and the transportation is very convenient and fast, you can enjoy the scenery of Nagoya in a day. Nagoya City, Hotan temple and Dechuan garden are the best scenic spots to explore the remains of heroes in the Warring States period. Nagoya TV Tower and Jr central twin towers are the modern representative buildings of Nagoya, and oasis 21 takes the lead with its spectacular appearance.

Nagoya line 1

Tour route: Hotan shrine (1.5 hours) & rarr; Nagoya City (2 hours) & rarr; Nagoya TV Tower (1.5 hours) & rarr; oasis 21 (2 hours)

In the morning, go to Hotan shrine, in the afternoon, visit Nagoya City. In the evening, you can go to Nagoya tower to watch the night view. After the visit, you can walk to oasis 21 for sightseeing and shopping. There are 6 lines in Nagoya subway, covering almost all the hot spots in the city. The main food area of Nagoya is near Hotan shrine, near the station and oasis 21. In the morning, you can visit and play in God Lunch is served near the palace, and dinner can be served Near Oasis 21 or back to the hotel area.

It depends on how much tourists like the place. If you think it's a good place, some people think it's a good week or so.