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Wuhan is suitable for young people to play in six places without regret

What are the suitable places for young people to play in Wuhan? We all know that the cherry blossom in Wuhan can be said to be quite famous. As soon as the cherry blossom season comes next year, Wuhan will usher in the peak tourist season of the year. At the same time, in addition to enjoying the cherry blossom, there are many tourist attractions in Wuhan. Here are some places that young people prefer to play. Friends who go to Wuhan may as well have a look.

Some of the most popular places for young people in Wuhan

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, 'the first bridge of the Yangtze River' lies across the river between Sheshan mountain in Wuchang and Guishan mountain in Hanyang. The construction was started on September 1, 1955, and opened to traffic on October 15, 1957. The construction of the bridge received the help of the former Soviet government. Mao Zedong, the former leader of the state, wrote the famous poem "a bridge Flying North and south, a natural moat changing the way" to express his sincere praise for Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.

The bridge is a double-layer steel truss bridge, the upper layer is a two-way four lane highway bridge, with sidewalks on both sides; the lower layer is a double track railway of Beijing Guangzhou railway, two trains can be split at the same time; the bridge body has 8 piers, each span of 128 meters, which can let 10000 tons of huge ships pass unimpeded; the bottom layer has elevators to reach the road deck, standing on the bridge and looking out to the four sides, the Yangtze River in the hinterland of the three Chu River and its longest tributary, Hanshui River It has created Wuhan's grand appearance of standing apart from two rivers and three towns, and it feels very heroic. The opening of the bridge forms a complete Beijing Guangzhou line, which is not only the key and lifeline of the national north-south transportation, but also one of the most famous tourist attractions in China.

Wuchang Uprising Memorial Hall of Xinhai Revolution

On October 10, 1911, after the success of Wuchang Uprising, the revolutionaries settled here, established the military government, issued the first notice, announced the abolition of the Qing Dynasty monarchy, the establishment of the Republic of China, and ended China's 2000 years of feudal rule. This is a good place to be familiar with history and remember the martyrs.

Li Huangpi Road

Lihuangpi road also has a street museum with the full name of Lihuangpi Road, including the old streets in the surrounding concession areas such as Poyang street and Dongting street. Many European buildings and houses are very delicate and feel very good, and they also exude a strong history and culture of Wuhan. East Lake ocean world is a relatively small museum. If you go to polar ocean world, it will be better. East Lake ocean world is in the pear garden, just beside the East Lake. There is a platform at the back of the museum. It's good to go up and take photos in the sunken shape.

Hankou river beach, Wuhan Science and Technology Museum

It's OK to go to Wuhan Science and Technology Museum, hang up your eyes, understand everything in the universe, and go to Hankou river beach after browsing. It's nice to find a place to sit. However, the night view of the river beach is the best.

Wuhan polar ocean world

As we all know, Wuhan has a very high temperature in summer. It's a famous stove city in China. But it's like entering another world to go to the polar ocean world in Wuhan when you graduate from junior three! It's very cool inside, especially Penguin Pavilion. It feels a bit cold when you enter, and there are also cooling spray in the open air. There are dolphin shows, sea lion shows and clowns. There is a long tunnel on the right side of the entrance. All the sea creatures are swimming on your head, as if they are under the sea deeper than them.

Happy Valley Maya Beach

Wuhan Happy Valley, a large-scale cultural theme park in Central China, was built by OCT Group and opened on April 29, 2012. Thrilling amusement equipment, rich and colorful performance projects, and colorful theme cultural festivals make Wuhan Happy Valley a prosperous city with fashion, movement and passion. More than 100 entertainment experience projects have been set up in the park, including more than 30 entertainment experience equipment, such as the double dragon wooden roller coaster 'wooden wings and Double Dragons', 720 degree circular roller coaster' Phoenix Dance nine days', China's highest catapult roller coaster 'fast car', and more than 40 ecological and cultural landscapes, more than 10 cultural performance boutiques and more than 20 themed entertainment games, which are a wonderful interpretation of multiple joys.