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How to play in Japan for the first time? The best travel route to Japan in June

Japan is also a country that many people prefer to visit. Every season in Japan is suitable for tourism. In winter, you can see snow, in spring, you can enjoy cherry blossom, in summer, you can have a summer resort, and in autumn, you can have colorful autumn scenery. However, Japan is a country with many earthquakes and typhoons, so when you go there, you must make a plan. So, is there a typhoon going to Japan in June? Where is the funniest place to go in June?

The first Japanese trip in June 1:

If you have a 7-10-day commute to Kansai Airport, you can choose to stay in Osaka for 3-4 days, play the Universal Studios, Kobe or Jilu in and around Osaka, then you have to choose tickets and use storage cabinets wisely, play Nara to see fawn, go to Kyoto at night, play for 3-4 days in and around Kyoto, and then go back to Kansai Airport directly from Kyoto. The road is smooth without repetition.

Route arrangement: Osaka - Nara - Kyoto

Of course, if you want to save money and energy and choose a free travel mode with high cost performance, I may recommend you to choose air ticket + hotel one-stop booking; if you want to play something special in Kansai, you can also leave a message below or directly click the avatar to consult me.

Route details:

Qingshui temple - Zhiyuan line:

This is one of the most classic routes in Beijing. You can wear kimonos to walk on the most gentle flagstone Road, choose lovely letters in Japanese shops on both sides, and take part in a tea ceremony experience. In the quiet teahouse, you can get a deep understanding of yourself and the world through communication and exchange with others and yourself; If you are going to Kyoto in July, you can also experience the special festival with a history of more than 1000 years. If the time is not right, don't be sad. You can also go to a Geisha show in the corner.

Recommended place of departure: Kyoto

Time: half a day to a day

Scenic spots involved: Qingshui temple - sannianban in the second year - shigu path - Gaogu temple - baban Shrine - only garden

Harry Potter fans

Character analysis: many people refer to Kansai or even Japan. The first reaction is that Harry Potter castle! Osaka Universal Studios! Compared with the distant UK, and the unfinished Universal Studios in Beijing, the most recent pilgrimage place for Harry Potter fans is Osaka Universal Studios USJ. Here, you can not only see the castle of Hogwarts, the characters on the murals and the candles floating in the air, as if you can cross into the movie, but also use the high-tech, life-saving experience or science fiction, or lovely, or exciting color facilities and venues.

Classic attractions: Osaka Universal Studios

Recommended place of departure: Osaka

Recommended time: 1-2 days

Practical suggestions: if you go on holidays or non working days, you are recommended to buy fast card vouchers. After all, you should not spend time on the journey to solve the problems that can be solved with money. In addition, the theme activities of each month will be different. It is recommended to arrange the line sequence.

Foodie unit

Kansai is really a paradise for food: Osaka is known as Kansai canteen, with a large number of food shops; the delicacy of Kyoto is as classic and elegant as this city, and many Michelin restaurants are hidden in the streets; let alone Kobe beef and Yuzhi Matcha, which are well-known in the world. Just listening to them, you can feel that you can go to Kansai with a happy feeling of satiety.

The first Japanese trip in June 2:

Tokyo Osaka

Suitable crowd: after reading the analysis of the above two first-time hot areas in Japan, I believe that many tourists will choose to play with Osaka and Beijing because of the lack of holidays or visa difficulties, or because of the Osaka in and out of Tokyo (or Tokyo in and out of Osaka) bought by air tickets, then such people can choose the following routes.

Traffic analysis: in fact, the biggest problem of this line is the big traffic. Do you want to choose Jr pass. The traffic in Japan is very complicated. You need to compare your itinerary in detail. However, there is a simple way, as long as one-way Osaka to Tokyo, or Tokyo to Osaka, there is no need to buy the global Jr pass; for round-trip, it is recommended to buy.

Recommended routes and days: 7-10 days, 1-2 days in Osaka - 1 day in Nara - 2-3 days in Kyoto - 3-4 days in Tokyo.

The first Japanese trip in June 3:

It is suggested to take Tokyo as the center to radiate the surrounding areas. You can stroll for 3-5 days in the city, and the surrounding Kamakura and Fujiyama can go back and forth in a single day. If you want to stay in Hekou lake for one night, you can also play Fuji mountain with Hakone and experience the beauty of the natural scenery around Tokyo in 2-3 days.

National attractions must go to:

Character analysis: for the first time to a country, you have to punch the national representative landmarks of the country. Then you have to visit the famous scenic spots like Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower when you come to Japan. Then, for these representative landmarks, I recommend you to Tokyo.

Classic scenic spot recommendation:

Fujiyama, a Japanese business card: it's a scenic spot that you can think of as soon as you mention Japan. If the weather is good in winter, you can see it in Tokyo. In summer, you can also climb mountains to the height of five goals.

Asakushi temple, the most famous and oldest temple in Tokyo, is also frequently seen in Japanese dramas. Frequent temple activities can let you feel the classic customs of Japan at close range.

Tokyo Eiffel Tower -- Tokyo Tower: one of the symbols of Tokyo. When you climb the top of the tower, you can have a panoramic view of the whole city. If the weather is good, you can see Mount Fuji.

Cartoon fans must punch in:

Character analysis: a lot of scenes in animation are set in Tokyo, and many of the former residence and Museum of cartoonists and writers are also located around Tokyo. If you have ever been deeply touched by an animation, you can find its shadow in Tokyo.

Classic scenic spot recommendation:

The pronoun of youth and blood -- before Kamakura University: one of the most famous scenes in "dunk master", none of them. Many people go to Kamakura just to stand at the crossroads in front of Kamakura University. When the train passes by, they can feel the most youthful and bloodthirsty memories of their childhood when they wave at Cherry Blossom Road and Qingzi.

Miyazaki Hayao's dreamland - kibli Museum of three eagles: you may not know the name of this scenic spot, but when it comes to Miyazaki Hayao, I'm afraid most people have heard or seen his works. This wonderful and romantic art gallery was designed by Hayao Miyazaki on the basis of his studio. Can also find a variety of outdoor animation in the classic characters and scenes.

Urban refined ins style:

Character analysis: if Kansai is compared to a straightforward man, then the capital circle with Tokyo as the center is a delicate and capable office lady. Therefore, in all kinds of business circles and shops in Tokyo, there are many fine cityscapes that are popular in INS. Young people who like this style of literature and art should not miss them.

Classic scenic spot recommendation:

Shigu, Harajuku and BiaoXin: in this large area, many fine cafes are hidden in it. Walking on the street, interesting and emotional shops will make you dizzy. Taking a picture in it is the ins pop-up. In addition, if you are a hand accountant, there are many interesting cultural and creative shops here. You can have a look.

Liubenmu: compared with the interesting and exquisite business district, the ins style here is actually more advanced and has a stronger sense of design. The delicacy and style of liubenmu are vividly displayed in various art galleries. In addition, you can arrange the most beautiful night view in Tokyo at the outlook stage of the liubenmu building.