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Is the night view of Nanxun ancient town beautiful? Is there a ticket for night view in Nanxun ancie

Now many people like to travel to the ancient town. The four famous ancient towns in China are full of people in recent years. Let me take a look at Nanxun ancient town this year! Although it is an ancient town with a small area, most of the ancient towns are elegant and exquisite manor buildings. It's nice to walk around the ancient town and take photos. At this time, many people will ask Nanxun ancient town if it's fun at night? Do you want tickets for the evening?

How much is the ticket for Nanxun ancient town

The adult ticket is 100 yuan / person, including xiaolianzhuang, library, Zhang Shiming's old house, Liu Shiti, Jili Lake silk museum, Guanghui palace, Zhang Jingjiang's former residence, baijianlou and other small scenic spots. Children under 1.2m in height, journalists, retired cadres, disabled persons, military disabled, old people over 70 years old, and active servicemen are directly exempted with relevant certificates; Children between 1.2m and 1.5m in height, aged 60 and students with full-time bachelor degree or below enjoy half price discount with relevant certificates.

Do you want tickets in Nanxun ancient town at night

No matter when you go to Nanxun ancient town, you need tickets. You can buy tickets now or online. The area of Nanxun ancient town is not very large. You can start from xiaolianzhuang, then JIAYE Hall Library, zhangshiming old house, qiushuli, Liu's ladder, Guanghui palace, silk guild hall, Baijian building and zhangjingjiang former residence, etc Besides the nine developed scenic spots, the snacks in the ancient town are also worth tasting. A bowl of double noodles with Jiangnan characteristics cannot be missed.

How much is the ticket for Nanxun ancient town? I have introduced it to you in detail. The ticket includes other small scenic spots in the ancient town. If you want to take a boat, you need to buy another ticket. The price of the ticket is different. Please refer to the official website for details.