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Where to enjoy lavender in China? Check the nine places of lavender in China

Now it's the season to enjoy lavender. Lavender is also the flower that young people like. We all know that Provence is the best place to enjoy lavender, but where to go is to go abroad. In fact, there are many good places to enjoy lavender in China. So, do you know what good places to enjoy lavender in China?

A good place to enjoy lavender in China

1. Xinjiang Yili Lavender base

Known as "the south of the Great Wall", Ili is one of the richest lands in Western China. So some people say that they don't know the beauty of Xinjiang until they get to Ili. The beauty of Ili River Valley originates from the majestic and handsome Tianshan Mountain, the holy and bright River Valley, the quiet and flowing Ili River and the people living in peace. In 1964, three varieties of French Provence Lavender were introduced into Ili Valley. After more than 40 years of changes and time flow, lavender has taken root outside the Great Wall. Now, the planting area of lavender in Ili has reached more than 20000 mu, accounting for more than 95% of the national output. Together with Provence in France, Hokkaido in Japan and Caucasus in Russia, Ili has become the four largest Lavender producing areas in the world.

2. Lavender field in Panlongxia

Panlong gorge in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, has an area of 200000 square meters of lavender field, which is known as the largest and most spectacular lavender flower sea in South China. The lavender planted in Panlong gorge is the first successful introduction of the latest varieties of fuliangye in Hokkaido, Japan. It is especially suitable for growing in the warm and humid forest climate environment of Panlong gorge. After mature, the plants generally can reach more than 1 meter, the color is deeper than the common varieties, and the fragrance is also stronger. It has always been known as the "Queen of lavender".

3. Shenyang Ziyan lavender manor

Shenyang Ziyan lavender manor is located in Maquan village, Magang Township, Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, southwest of Shenyang National Forest Park (10 minutes' drive from the exit of qingshuitai of Shenyang Harbin Expressway), covering an area of more than 5000 mu and a core area of 1600 mu. With the theme of "love, romance and the most beautiful place", the manor is a modern leisure resort integrating lavender and other vanilla scenic spots sightseeing, film and television photography base, etiquette celebration, lavender product development, membership five-star resort hotel, theater, forest oxygen bar fitness center, and featured catering and entertainment services

4. Chengdu Ziyi lavender manor

Located in Taiping Town, Shuangliu County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, lavender Creative Culture Expo Park is about 30 kilometers away from the downtown area of Chengdu, covering an area of 1600 mu. It has the largest Lavender planting area in Southwest China, including the purest lavender in Provence, France. French architectural style, beautiful and romantic lavender flower sea, unique creative cultural landscape, and unique vanilla catering make you linger. At the time of blooming, purple and blue are amazing, full of fragrance, fragrance all the way, absolutely can't be missed!

5. Lavender garden in Beijing

Beijing lantiao lavender manor, located in louzizhuang, Jinzhan township, Chaoyang District, covers an area of 1200 mu. It is adjacent to Donggao road in the west, Xiaoba River in the East, and the landscape Avenue of Chaoyang financial service park. It is planned by Beijing first creative tourism. The current development project is supported by agricultural culture and creative industry, and based on the planting of blueberries, strawberries and other characteristic fruits and vegetables. Beijing blue tone lavender manor, also known as the most romantic garden in China, also known as "Eden of love", is located in louzizhuang blue tone manor, Jinzhan township, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is only 18 kilometers away from international trade and about half an hour's drive. The overall area of the manor is 1000 mu, including 300 mu of lavender field, a vast purple sea of flowers.

6. Shijiangzihaixiangtian lavender manor

Shijiazhuang lavender manor, also known as Zihai xiangtian lavender manor, is the first characteristic scenic spot in Shijiazhuang with lavender as the theme. It is located seven kilometers west of the intersection of friendship Street and Wuqi road in Shijiazhuang, covering an overall area of 800 mu, which is of great value for viewing and playing. The manor is equipped with circular water system, love oath wall, outdoor barbecue, fountain sightseeing, beach area, wedding photography base, film and television shooting base and other projects to build Shijiazhuang's own Provence.

7. Shanghai Chongming Lavender estate

Shanghai Chongming purple sea Heron edge romantic manor is located in Chongming Island, the third largest island in China, 800 meters to the east of Dongping National Forest Park and 400 meters to Genbao football base (north along the road 2018). It is the first landscape creative farm in China with the theme of romantic friendship and green physical and mental movement. Covering an area of 200 mu, it is a fun garden integrating romantic friendship, green sports, ecological leisure, DIY interesting planting and fragrant health food.

8. Dalian Ziyun Huaxi Lavender estate

Located at the south foot of Xiaohei mountain, Tumenzi village, Xiangying street, Jinzhou new district, Dalian, the lavender garden of Ziyun Huaxi, Dalian, has formed a lavender field of nearly one thousand mu. The overall architectural style of the manor is European style. There are rural windmills symbolizing European architectural style, romantic and solemn outdoor wedding halls, and outdoor music square. Listening to music, tasting red wine, the mountain breeze is cool, looking at the purple sea of flowers, and feeling the romance of nobility and the tranquility of the countryside with her beloved.

9. Guangzhou Meijia Lavender Garden

Meijia lavender garden is said to be a romantic old farmer from Taiwan. It is the largest "philandering" herb garden in Southeast Asia established in Taiping Town, Qingxin County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. All kinds of herbs and fruits grow vigorously throughout the year for tourists to pick. There are also vanilla delicacies, flowers and tea tasting. There are 1 million precious fragrant flowers and different grasses from Europe and America, especially lavender of various varieties. The biggest feature here is the lavender garden. Each season there are different kinds of lavender open, and the best viewing time is from October to the end of May of the next year. The whole garden is a purple or colorful dream romantic flower sea, the most popular and most beautiful is March of each year.

The nine Lavender bases mentioned above are the best places to watch lavender in China. If you are fond of lavender, you must not miss these places!