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Where can I express my love? 520 the best place to express your love

Looking at lavender is a romantic thing, it can be said that it is just like beautiful love, 520, I love you! It's said that lavender is related to love. The purple fairy with romantic love breath, waiting for love is her flower language. When it comes to lavender, do you always yearn for Provence in France and fumiano in Japan? So, where can 520 go?

In fact, you can also see lavender in Xiamen. There is a romantic purple flower sea in Tianzhu Mountain Vanilla Garden in Haicang. Here, you can have close contact with beautiful flowers, not only lavender, but also all kinds of flowers.

Tianzhushan Vanilla Garden

'the flowers are just in bloom, the beautiful and dreamy purple romance is waiting for you'. The lavender on the Tianzhu Mountain has entered the best flower viewing season, entered the lavender world, and looked at it, the flowers are clustered, clustered and flaked.

In the sunlit flower sea, in addition to lavender, there are all kinds of tall herbs, rosemary, thyme, basil, Verbena, geranium, etc.

In addition to enjoying the wonderful stroll in the garden, the vanilla garden can also take you back to the elegant old time in the retro Huahai tunnel. You can smell fresh flowers in Huahai tunnel and spend your time quietly.

Lavender is not so much a large purple open in the field, the fragrance floating in the air, as something in the memory, lost, elegant, poetic, sweet, intoxicated in the purple sea of flowers as the spread of love.

Everyone needs a romantic memory in his or her life. The memory of lavender must be more unforgettable. When the wind blows, the moment of trance, just understand lavender flower language is waiting & hellip;

Escape from the city, enjoy being lazy, be a thief of time, bring your lover to Tianzhu Mountain herb garden to give her romance in Provence