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Which one do you want to go to for the aged?

We all want to go to a city with good environment for the aged. After all, we don't want to be so busy when we are old. If you want to play chess and chat quietly, of course, the most suitable city for the elderly should not only be quiet, pollution-free and low noise, but also convenient for medical treatment, shopping and transportation. So, which cities in China are suitable for providing for the aged?

2. Kunming

Kunming is a city that enables many people who pursue the true meaning of life to realize their dreams. Yunnan's climate, soil and water, plus Kunming is located in the middle of Yunnan. Therefore, regardless of the season, flowers in Kunming can still see delicate roses in winter. Compared with other big cities in China, the house price of about 5000 yuan per square meter in Kunming makes Linjing realize the "housing dream". The most suitable price in inland cities is Kunming, which has perfect medical and infrastructure, good air quality, pleasant climate and high happiness index.

3. Chengdu

It is normal for the elderly to have a minor illness occasionally. The medical conditions cannot be ignored. The medical service demand of retirees is high. The medical level is an important standard for choosing a retirement city. The highest medical level in inland cities should be Chengdu, which has nearly 20 top three hospitals represented by Huaxi Hospital. The medical level is also first-class in China, and the medical cost is often much cheaper than Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

4. Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China and one of the four municipalities directly under the central government. It is the largest economic, financial, trade and shipping center in China. Shanghai is located in the Yangtze River Estuary in the middle of China's mainland coastline, with China's largest industrial base and the largest foreign trade port. Economic development has also provided Shanghai with the most advanced medical facilities and conditions.

5. Haikou

Haikou is the city with the best environment, with 311 skies of excellent air quality throughout the year. Good air quality is of great importance to health. Among the coastal cities, Haikou is the city with the lowest house price and the lowest average house price among the top 10 retired cities. Haikou is one of the top ten cities, a national model city for environmental protection, a national health city, an excellent tourist city in China, a national garden city, a national famous historical and cultural city, and an advanced city in the work of building a civilized city in China. Haikou has won the "China Human settlements environment award" for its excellent comprehensive urban environment improvement.

6. Suzhou

Suzhou has a long history and a large number of people. It has a paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom, while it is booming in the sea. Suzhou has always been famous for its beautiful landscape and elegant gardens. It has the reputation of "Jiangnan garden is the best in the world, Suzhou garden is the best in Jiangnan". It also has the name of "Oriental water city" because of its small bridge and ancient water town characteristics. Suzhou is a quiet backyard of Chinese culture. It is not a city with rich nightlife. It is a city with white walls and black tiles, deep alleys, full of peace and leisure. The cost of living is not too high. It is a city suitable for life, especially for the elderly.

7. Qingdao

Qingdao is a unique coastal city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Qingdao has won the honorary titles related to residence, including national famous historical and cultural city, the first batch of national civilized city, National Health City, national environmental protection model city, National Garden City, national low-carbon city pilot city, the first Chinese city most desired by the public in 2005, the best leisure city in China in 2012, the top ten cities suitable for tourism in China in 2012, and the most fortunate city in China in 2012 First place in the fortune city ranking, won the "China Habitat Environment Award".

8. Yantai

Yantai is surrounded by mountains and sea, with pleasant climate. It connects Weihai in the East, Weifang in the west, Qingdao in the southwest, Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea in the north, Liaodong Peninsula and Dalian across the sea. Yantai won the UN Habitat Award, China Habitat Environment Award, China Habitat environment example award, national environmental protection model city, national green model city and other titles. Yantai has a temperate monsoon climate. It is one of the few cities facing the sea in the north of China. Therefore, the weather in summer is more dry and cool, and the air in winter is more warm.

9. Dalian

Dalian is considered to be one of the most livable cities. Its urban environment is excellent. It has won the UN Habitat Award. It has been selected as "the world's top 500 environmental cities" by the United Nations Environment Programme and the highest international Garden City Award. It has been inscribed as "the Pearl of the North" by Comrade Jiang Zemin. Dalian city is located in the warm temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. It has a warm temperate continental monsoon climate with marine characteristics. It is surrounded by mountains and sea. The climate is pleasant, the environment is beautiful, and it is suitable for living. There is no severe cold in winter, no intense heat in summer and four distinct seasons.

1. hometown

Our country always has the saying that leaves fall to their roots, so many people will choose their hometown for the elderly.