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How can we avoid cheating with the group tour? Keep these three points in mind

Nowadays, young people like to go out for tourism, and tourism is generally divided into two ways: one is free travel, the other is group travel. But now it's more popular to travel with groups, because group travel is more worry-free and more secure. We only need to pay some group fees at one time, and then we don't need to worry about accommodation, food, scenic spots, travel and so on. So, how can we avoid being cheated?

Number one: don't sign up for a cheap tour

When we report a group tour, we must not report a cheap tour group. Now there are many cheap tour groups on the website about tourism. The price is quite attractive, and even there will be a zero yuan tour group! Such tour groups are usually under the banner of value for money, and then attract some tourists to sign up, while the majority of the elderly choose such cheap groups.

But we all know that there is no pie in the sky. Such tour groups usually use various ways to let you into the pit. Besides, there is no reason to lose money when you open the door to do business. If you report such a cheap group, most of your travel time may be wasted in shopping malls. If you don't buy goods, you may find some unhappy things.

Second, don't be impulsive

Don't have the impulse of shopping when traveling. Many people always think that it's necessary to buy some souvenirs for a complete trip, and it's meaningful to give souvenirs to friends or family. But don't forget that everything in the scenic spot is very expensive. If you want to reduce the cost of this trip, try not to buy souvenirs. If you really want to, you can In order to choose to visit the neighborhood, there is a great chance that you can buy more exquisite souvenirs at a lower price than the scenic area. So in the process of tourism, we must control our shopping desire and make rational consumption.

Third, don't report the tour groups with too many scenic spots

I don't know if you pay attention to this situation when you report the group. Some groups have more scenic spots at the same price, while others have less scenic spots. At this time, you should not think that you have taken advantage of the group with many scenic spots, because your overall travel time is the same. If there are many scenic spots, you will have a very limited time to play in each scenic spot, so your whole journey will become very hurried. Basically, after taking photos in one scenic spot, you will go to the next scenic spot. If you come here Isn't this trip against our original intention!