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Where is Yunnan Butterfly Valley? What are the butterfly species in Yunnan Butterfly Valley?

Recently, 110 million butterflies in the Butterfly Valley of Jinping, Yunnan Province, exploded in a spectacular and shocking scene. The scene is like a golden ocean. So, do you know where Yunnan Butterfly Valley is? What kinds of butterflies are there? According to the staff, Butterfly Valley has a total of 11 families and 320 kinds of butterflies. This time, the outbreak of arrow ring butterflies is concentrated. Some tourists specially wear butterfly skirts to watch the scene.

From May to June of each year, nearly 100 million butterflies with white sleeves and rings break out in ma'andi Township, Jinping County, Yunnan Province. As long as they enter the Butterfly Valley of Jinping, they will dance around tourists. As long as you dip a little rice wine on your hand, the butterfly will happily stop on your hand. The stream is full of white clouds and butterflies, forming a beautiful natural wonder.

China Honghe Butterfly Valley is located in ma'andi Township, Jinping County, covering an area of 284.7 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate of 70%. The average annual rainfall is 2500 mm, with an altitude of 3012 meters from Honghe Valley, 105 meters, to Wutai Mountain, ma'andi. There are tropical, subtropical, temperate, sub temperate, cold temperate and other three-dimensional climate in ma'andi. There are 277 butterfly species in 11 families.

According to experts' prediction, there are more than 400 kinds of butterflies in ma'andi, known as the "Eden" of butterflies, which is the only biodiversity gathering area in China and the world. In order to protect this' beautiful scenery ', Honghe Prefecture has specially established the management center of Honghe Butterfly Valley and Hani terrace in China, which is also the first administrative institution in the world to manage butterflies. On October 11, 2012, local regulations on butterfly protection were issued.

In 2015, at the third national characteristic ecotourism City Development Forum and world-renowned boutique tourism destination brand list conference, Jinping County won the honor of "the most beautiful ecotourism destination in China".